Why Homeschool Conferences Are Important

Christian homeschool state conferences are an integral part of a thriving Christian homeschool community. I share about my first homeschool conference experience in the Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Conferences article. And, ever since my first attendance of one I look forward to each annual conference. So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to attend one, here are some reasons why you may be blessed if you go.

Restoration Era on the Liberty History Timeline

Providential History


The God-ordained institution of marriage and family is essential. Christian homeschool conferences help nurture Biblical-minded families.

Be Among Like-Minded Families

Sure, you may have comradery among your local homeschool support group and homeschool co-op. And, you may have a strong homeschool community within your church community. But, why limit yourself? Being among like-minded families on a grander scale has it’s own energy and infuses a burst of inner strength for this journey like no other. There’s something about being among thousands of other homeschooling individuals that helps to solidify the path that you’re on for your family.

Find Encouragement

What better place is there to find encouragement for your decision to take hold of discipling and educating your children? Additionally, encouragement ranges from the big picture, to the practicality of it, to the mechanics of it. Learn about various educational philosophies and methods you may choose to adopt. Find encouragement and inspiration about parenting, history, and things that are relevant to Christians today.

Homeschool Speakers Get You

Homeschool speakers get you and I’m not talking about from a ‘marketing’ perspective. Specifically, I’m talking about how they are or have been homeschooling parents themselves. So, they understand the joys and challenges you experience. Therefore, they can speak directly into your life about the bliss, the struggles, the hopes, and the victories that you encounter in day-to-day living.

If you’re in Oregon, check out the lineup of speakers and sessions for the Mission Possible 2024 homeschool conference taking place June 21st and 22nd! OCEANetwork is Oregon’s state Christian Homeschool Conference and the theme is uplifting and fitting. Especially encouraging, I think, are local speakers that help encourage, educate, and give practical solutions on matters of the state for Oregon’s Christian homeschool families.

Oregonians can go here to find 2024 OCEANetwork registration homeschool conference details and they can go here to find the OCEANetwork Conference Program and Planning Pages.

Curriculum and Program Smorgasbord

Are you hoping to discover first-time and maybe forever curriculum for your family? Or, are you hoping to change things up and want to see what else is out there? What about various homeschool programs you can consider? Christian homeschool conferences give you the ability to visit booths by a sizable variety of vendors in the Exhibit Hall. Not only do you get to look over what vendors have to offer, you have the ability to interact with them one-on-one. In fact, that personal interaction can tell you a lot about the company and what they have to offer that you may not identify within the pages of their books.

Save Moolah on Used Books

Many homeschool conferences have used book sales. (Do I especially hear the cheers of husbands across the states?) Indeed, there are some amazing deals that can be found to help fill your family’s library shelves with quality literature.

Serve Your State’s Homeschool Community

Many Christian homeschool state conferences rely on volunteers to help set things up, keep things running smoothly during the conference, and to take things down afterward. If you’re looking for a way to serve as a family, your Christian homeschool state conference may be a great opportunity to do that!

Should you be looking for such an opportunity in Oregon, you can fill out the volunteer application for OCEANetwork’s homeschool conference here.

Attend OCEANetwork’s Conference

Nurture your vision for your family at OCEANetwork’s homeschool conference. Whether you’re tossing around the idea of homeschooling, brand new to homeschooling, or have been in the thick of it for years, you’ll be uplifted, inspired, and refreshed!

Join Us At the OCEANetowork Homeschool Conference

We’re excited to be at the OCEANetwork Conference and look forward to connecting with other Christian homeschooling families! Be sure to stop by the Biblical Classical Community booth—let’s visit and discuss the importance of an education for Liberty and changing the culture for Christ!

The OCEANetwork Home Education Conference can’t happen without families. We hope to see you there!

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