What I Did When I Began Feeling Stuck

At first, excitement and joy overtook me. I knew in my core that this was the path that Yahweh was leading us on in our homeschooling journey. My friend from church had introduced me to the Principle Approach® method and the Noah Plan® Curriculum that implemented that method. With my young ones beside me, I listened after the service to every word she said. I didn’t fully comprehend all she was explaining, but the idea of teaching from the Bible in every subject resonated within me and I knew that this is what I was already attempting when educating our children.

It has been several years now and our oldest… I can barely type the following words… will be graduating High School before too much longer. Fight back the tears, I tell myself. No, I can’t, they come flooding regardless. I’m so thankful for all these years to guide him and his siblings with the principles found in the Bible. I see in him a fine young man who takes time to listen and reason from Scripture. He has done this in various settings with others and it gives me great comfort that he will pause and ponder what others have to say and consider the authority of God’s Word.

It hasn’t always been easy… there were many times when I felt stuck.

I’d like to share with you about what I did when I began feeling stuck…

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Yes I prayed, but that was only part of the solution.

When I didn’t understand how the red books and other resources tied in with each other. I felt stuck.

When no one else in our local homeschool community was teaching and learning with the Principle Approach® method, I felt stuck and lonely.

When no one in our local homeschool community had heard of the Noah Plan® curriculum, I felt stuck and lonely.

When I’d think about how my kids’ notebooks probably look very simple compared to Principle Approach® school student notebooks, I’d get stuck.

When I’d focus on areas I wish I could have our kids study to help their talents develop, but we didn’t have the resources, I’d feel stuck.

What did I do aside from praying?

I moved forward!

To remain stuck would mean turning stagnant. I couldn’t let that happen. I have Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as my living Savior. He is the Living Water. Water moves and flows. I want to be like Him and I want to be a moving vessel for Him that flows His love out to others. I want to help others see how to learn the truths of God’s word by keeping His word at the heart of education.

How did I move forward?

I kept pursing learning how to learn from His word… to apply that 4R Principle Approach® method of research, reason, relate and record.

I kept moving to understand the principles of God’s Word (I’m still seeking and learning!).

I teamed up with my husband to start a local homeschool co-op where I taught Art with Bible Principles to show other families how to implement the method and the truths of God’s Word. They were able to see the beauty of how even Art points back to Yahweh as its Creator.

I blog about the Principle Approach® in an effort to help others succeed in their personal journey.

And while there still aren’t any (to my knowledge) local homeschool families applying the Principle Approach® method, my husband and I are pursuing video lessons and printed lessons for the upcoming Chrysalis membership for people who do want to teach and learn with this method of education.

Are you feeling stuck? I sometimes still struggle with feeling stuck. You and I just have to keep moving! We’ll get it!

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 I still long for a local homeschool Principle Approach® community.

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