Twelve Reasons to Sign Up for the Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ Today

A Biblical Classical Homeschool Conference has been a dream in my heart for oh so many years. And it turns out that it has been a dream in the hearts of others as well. Isn’t that how our Heavenly Father works?

Twelve Reasons to Sign Up for the Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ Today

  1. It’s the first ever Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit—specifically focused on America’s historic philosophy and methodology of education.
  2. Speakers are either certified in the Foundation for American Christian Education’s Master Teacher Certification Program, trained in authentic and historic Christian education, or they are like-minded individuals.
  3. As an individual who is new to the idea of The Principle Approach® philosophy and methodology, you’ll discover some of the hidden treasures it has to offer in education.
  4. If you’re a seasoned homeschooling parent in The Principle Approach®, you’ll be inspired.
  5. Find the hidden treasure to the Biblical family.
  6. Explore the hidden treasures in the subject of art.

  1. Discover the hidden treasures in training character in your children.
  2. Be inspired by the hidden treasure of the tutorial spirit.
  3. The foundations of elementary writing contain hidden treasures that will change the way you think about this subject.
  4. Be in awe at God’s Hand as you find hope and encouragement in Jesus Christ—the Focal Point of His Story—for the individual and nations.
  5. Begin learning about the restoration of God’s Biblical principles to the individual, the family, the church, and the nation.
  6. Enjoy the renewing of your mind with each session that focuses on principled thinking.

Mark Your Calendars for the First Annual Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™

August 4th

5:00 PM Session (EST)

6:00 PM Session (EST)

August 5th

5:00 PM Session (EST)

6:00 PM Session (EST)

August 6th

5:00 PM Session (EST)

6:00 PM Session (EST)

Bonus Session

Learn More and Register for the Biblical Classical Homeschool™ Summit

The Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ is brought to you by the Biblical Classical Community. You can learn more about this conference and register for it there.

Footnote: (1)The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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