Truth Rises to the Top

Truth Rises to the Top

On Sunday, they meet and simply must believe what comes directly from the pulpit—whether from the priest himself or indirectly from the king. What if any of them have worries about loved ones who move on to a state of rest? They have a “chance at salvation” if you they pray for them and pay indulgences. But in the meantime, God has individuals working on translating the Bible into common languages. And, He has a special man—Johannas Gutenberg—working on a printing press. For this allows more Bibles to get into the hands of individuals at a faster rate. It is time. In His-Story, it is time for the Gospel to spread further westward. The shackles of deception and twisted Scripture are broken. True illumination from God’s Word advances all fields. Truth rises to the top.

Sowing Seeds of Truth

Today, in countries across the world where oppressors try to suppress the Bible, God’s Truth reigns anyway. Perhaps the persecution makes one wonder if Christians are the losers in history?  Yet, whenever seeds are planted in prepared soil, there is a sprout. And, that little sprout grows with the Water of Life sustaining it. With maturation, that plant gives witness to an undeniable growth and bloom. Of course, these plants go to seed and spread the Gospel. Naturally, these seeds will take root and germinate in the soil of hearts wanting the nourishment of Truth. So, no matter how much enemies of God try to rid of Him and His Truths, the Gospel continues to spread. Truth rises to the top.

Seeds Can Produce Look-Alike Plants

Wild-edible foods are something our family enjoys learning about on occasion. As we study, we learn that there are some toxic plants that look remarkably close to the safe edible plants. It can be very difficult to tell them apart. But, this is why we turn to primary documents about the edible plants. And, we observe them closely to be sure if we’ve found the real deal. Knowing the truth about the edible plants sets one free from harm’s way.

Continuing to Plant Seeds of Truth in America

In the same way, there are look-alike seeds or plants of history. Enough truth is sprinkled with toxic plants that it’s hard for some to distinguish between the two. For this reason, in a Biblical Classical education, we learn from primary sources. We want to know the genuine in order to tell it apart from the toxic look-alike. Additionally, it’s why a Providential View undergirds everything we learn. Without a doubt, the truths of history will surface as we learn from eye-witness accounts and primary documents. But, there’s one more thing. We must study history in its context. The context helps us to understand the setting and helps us to see how the Gospel helps with civil liberty. Knowing how to study history allows for truth to rise to the top.

Does that mean that we “whitewash” history? Not in the least!

The Principle Approach®(1) comprehends the providential history of American Education, its triumphs, its erosion, and its restoration. The method is Biblical classical as practiced generally in the era that built the American Republic. The Principle Approach® rests upon reasoning from the Word of God to obtain knowledge-with-wisdom to produce a Biblical worldview as applied to all of life and learning.”

-The Foundation for American Christian Education

The Truth Sets Individuals Free

What do we witness today? There sure is a lot of hate, anger, and false-witnessing surfacing from toxic look-alikes. In fact, false-witnessing of individuals from our Forefathers to our Founding Fathers is happening. Not to mention, there is a bearing of false-witness against later figures in our history. So much so, that the discredited 1619 Project and CRT are “acceptable” to teach in schools.

Additionally, in government schools there’s a reverence for Horace Mann, John Dewey, and excuses made for violent behaviors today. That view binds individuals to the flesh and to sin.

The truth is that a humanist education will produce that very fruit. But, a Biblical-worldview education sets people free. And, the truth is that God created one race–the human race. Another truth is that this is a Spiritual battle for America.

Sowers Are Needed

What can you do? While the harvest is great and the laborers are few, there need to be sowers! Therefore, you have a wonderful opportunity to sow seeds of Truth (Biblical principles) within your homeschool lessons. I find great encouragement that you are here and learning. Because within your homeschool, truth rises to the top.

Footnote 1: The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education

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