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The Principle Approach® Method in Art and Its Impact

Something exciting for us has happened on our journey! We received a highly unexpected letter in the mail. Our two-year-old daughter was congratulated on being selected to receive an award in a Visual Arts Competition. She has had the privilege of attending an award presentation on the opening night. This honor has us bubbling over with joy inside for her. All of us are deeply embracing God’s Principle of Individuality and how it’s seen even in a wee toddler.

Her entry? It’s an abstract work of art. If you were to talk with me about abstract art several years ago, before my Principle Approach® method of education, I would have shook my head and echoed remarks I heard while growing up. However, I have eyes to see now… especially since having children. Will you take a moment so that I may show you a different view?

The Principle Approach® Method in Art and Its Impact

Principle Approach, The Principled Academy, Principled Academy, Principle Approach Art, Bible Principles

Growing up, I was taught to shake my head at “abstract art”. I’d hear things like…

“They call that art?”

“All it is is a bunch of colors splattered on a canvas. A baby could do that.”

“Like that takes real talent.”

You get the idea. But do you know that the Principle of Abstract Art goes back to our Creator? Yes, it does!

Let’s define abstract in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:
ABSTRACT‘, verb transitive [Latin abstraho, to draw from or separate; from abs and traho, which is the Eng. draw. See Draw.] To draw from, or to separate. To separate ideas by the operation of the mind; to consider one part of a complex object, or to have a partial idea of it in the mind.

AB’STRACT, noun. A summary, or epitome, containing the substance, a general view. Formerly, an extract, or a smaller quantity, containing the essence of a larger.


When you look out in Yahweh’s beautiful creation and observe with care, you will see the abstract. You just need to put on the lenses that children see through. Where many of us focus on the details, young children focus on the general view. Hence, the splashes of colors, the suggestion of shapes that they see, the use of colors together. It’s amazing to me! Needless to say, children are made in Yahweh’s image, too, and they have a unique way of showing us things we overlook. Abstract Art is one of the purest forms of art. Too commonly, it’s considered raw.

Principle Approach, The Principled Academy, Principled Academy, Principle Approach Art, Bible Principles

In the past, I could absolutely see myself feeling uncomfortable standing there among all of the other parents. Their possible scrutiny of our toddler’s art winning when their older children had painted something identifiable would have stolen joy from me. Thankfully, that isn’t the case for me today. The impact of embracing Bible Principles is that it feels so freeing to be present in the moment with our daughter. She doesn’t understand what it’s all about right now, she’s two after all. And it isn’t a matter of “stars” being stuck to her (thinking of Max Lucado’s illustration in his “You Are Special” book). Rather, it’s an acknowledgement inside that this style of art is reflective of our Heavenly Father’s work.

It’s probably pretty doubtful that the judges for this Visual Arts Competition are thinking on these things, but that’s okay. We recognize them in our family. And at least there is something that they see to the colorful life of a toddler. In addition, this honor awarded her has already opened doors to share about this Bible Principle with others. Who knows where planting these seeds may lead for other homeschooling families and how it may positively impact them? (I whisper this in my heart with the hope of others embracing the Principle Approach® method.)

We’ll be covering the Principle of Abstract Art in the Chrysalis Members’ Club area this school year. I’d love for you to join us! If not, perhaps you’ll consider purchasing this art bundle when its released.

Oh, and we titled her piece, “The Colorful Life of a Toddler”. Is it for sale? Nah… it’s priceless.

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What is a joy that you have recently experienced among your family in your homeschooling journey?


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