The Noah Plan

What is the Noah Plan?

It’s an amazing gift to us from Noah Webster. I’m not kidding. While Noah Webster spent twenty-six years of his life compiling his 1828 Dictionary for our nation, it wasn’t his only contribution. In fact, he left more in his inheritance for Americans. Indeed yes, it’s our inheritance. But as with any inheritance, in order for us to have it, we have to claim it…

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Noah Webster’s Intellectual Property

For certain, there’s not doubt—no doubt—that Noah Webster is known for his wisdom. The man had remarkable intellectual qualities. And we have evidence that he doesn’t hoard this gift. Indeed, he uses it with purpose. In fact, he uses it to lay out a plan for our nation in order to give us a map. A map? Yes! A map which is to guide us in the form of education he received. Notably, we see this form of education being used from the Protestant Reformation and for the first 200 years of our nation’s history.

To be clear, it’s a Biblical-Classical education. Which is not to be confused with Classical or Christian-Classical. And the way it’s mapped out is like this for each generation:

  • Use the Bible as a textbook in each subject. This is in order to find the Biblical principles (Truths) of each subject
  • Teach the Pagan Idea of Man and Government in comparison to God’s Idea of Man and Government
  • Hold all forms of government up to the light of Scripture
  • Teach the Biblical Principles upon which our nation was founded
  • Pass on the Christian History of our nation
  • Teach internal-to-external and cause-to-effect
  • Guide students in how to reason and relate from Scripture. Thus, teaching them how to think governmentally
  • Teach students self-government in and through Christ
  • Use Webster’s 1828 Dictionary for a unified use of language among the nation
  • And above all else, teach children how Christ is the Focal Point of all of History

What Happened to the Plan for American Education?

I’m so glad you’re asking this important question. If only to reach through the screen and give you a copy of Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History, you could easily pour over the pages for yourself. But here are a couple of select quotes from the opening of this priceless treasure:

“For over one hundred years Americans have not known or learned of America’s Christian History. Five generations of Americans have produced a national ignorance concerning the Providential founding of this nation and of God’s hand in preserving, defending, and leading the Colonists to victory in 1775-1781—the seven long years of the American Christian Revolution.”

And, “One hundred years ago we took education out of the Christian home where it had raised up men and women who were God-fearing, Christ-honoring, Bible-loving people. People who were willing to count the cost of Christian liberty. Yielding to the arguments of secularism in the 1830’s, 40’s, and 50’s, we permitted our churches to relinquish their leadership of Christian education. In making this change into the government sponsored schools, we closed our Bible as the educational and political textbook, and we shifted our level of education from the building of individual Christian character to the building of group character, conformable to society. As we shifted from a God-centered republic to a man-centered democracy—we began to flounder.”

Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History ©1965 by Rosalie J. Slater, p. xiii

Claiming it for Our Inheritance

Of note, we see in the government sponsored schools prior to the 1830’s that the Bible is being used as both the educational and political textbook. Therefore, we know that even well after the founding of America, children are receiving a Christian education in government sponsored schools. And even though we see this inheritance being passed up by five generations or so prior to us, we can claim it. Therefore, what happens from here on out is up to each of us as individuals. Generally speaking, we need all educators who are Christian to claim it.

If you study Webster’s 1828 Dictionary’s definition of inheritance, you’ll discover:

INHER’ITANCEnoun An estate derived from an ancestor to an heir by succession or in course of law; or an estate which the law casts on a child or other person, as the representative of the deceased ancestor.”

“The reception of an estate by hereditary right, or the descent by which an estate or title is cast on the heir; as, the heir received the estate by inheritance.”

Chiefly, Noah Webster is the “Father of American Scholarship and Education.” In this sense, we’re his heirs. Consider that we’re Christians who live in America and we have an inheritance to receive for ourselves. Especially so that we may leave it to our children—the next generation.

America is Running Amok, is it too Late?

Is it too late to do anything positive to turn things around? Never! But the longer it takes for us to teach with a Biblical-Classical education, the longer it’ll take to see the fruit of it in our nation once again.

If you’re feeling that perhaps we’re too outnumbered because of how many students are in a government sponsored school, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way. But I challenge you to consider 2nd Samuel 24 when God tells David not to take a census of the Israelite army. And below is an explanation as to why:

“As to why God was angry at David, in those times, a man only had the right to count or number what belonged to him. Israel did not belong to David; Israel belonged to God.”

While America isn’t Israel and none of us are David, the principle may still apply. In the same way, who are we to “take a census” of how many Christians are teaching with a Biblical-Classical education? To be sure, if America is restored, all the Glory goes to God and it’s all only because of Him. Additionally, He can use a band of Christians whatever the size to show His strength. So, let’s not let our focus be on the chaos and on numbers. Rather, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and be busy about our Father’s business. Indeed, let’s fulfill our purpose as Christians who live in America.

How To Claim Your Inheritance in Christian Education Partially

Firstly, you certainly may apply the philosophy and method to the Christian curriculum of your choice. And to properly aid you in your journey, you’ll do well to have the following:

To be sure, these are the basic books and steps to help you along with using the method. And how nice that they can be delivered to the comfort of your own home!

How To Claim Your Inheritance in Christian Education in Full

However, if you desire a curriculum that already: 1. implements this philosophy and method; 2. and has an intentional K-12 plan for teaching all of Mr. Webster’s educational plan, then you’ll also want these Noah Plan® treasures:

  • Kindergarten Curriculum
  • First Grade Curriculum
  • Second Grade Curriculum
  • Third Grade Curriculum
  • Overviews for Grades 4th-12th
  • English Language Curriculum Guide
  • History and Geography Curriculum Guide
  • Literature Curriculum Guide
  • Mathematics Curriculum Guide

Of course, the K-3rd curriculum will only apply as necessary for your personal family. However, the curriculum guides are for K-12. So, you do save time and money and peace of mind in the long run with the Noah Plan® guides.

Why these materials in particular? Besides saving you time and money in the long run, they also contain what you need for a full Biblical-Classical education.


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