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The Noah Plan- Kindergarten Essentials: Heather’s List

Welcome back to my series of The Noah Plan Essentials. You may read my first post for The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum here.

In addition to the essentials for Kindergarten found at my previous post, here is a list of other items which I found benefited our family in our first year using the Kindergarten curriculum:

  • Free printable coloring pages for the period of history or maps that we were studying. A quick on-line search helped me do this and was more affordable at the time than buying coloring books.
  • Beginning Geography, K-2, The Evan-Moor Corp.: Vol. 1,Continents and Oceans; Vol. 2,  How to Use a Map; Vol. 3. (While I started out looking for free graphics on-line to make my own, I found having the books a time saver.)

These books have sheets that work with the K Geography lesson plans. They have proven to be a time saver for me (one less thing to prep). 

The double-sided poster is helpful. It’s large for little people to see well and it also folds up and can sit loose-leaf in the Evan-Moor book.

The world map from the Evan-Moor Beginning Geography book is a duplicate of the one from their Land Form and Bodies of Water map on one side. The other side is a little Fairy Tale Land map. This also is large and fold-able which allows for sitting in the book loose-leaf.

  • The Children’s Illustrated Bible. Why? Because unlike the “beginner Bibles”, the illustrations are more realistic. I believe the benefit of this is that it doesn’t place doubt in our children’s minds. 
  • Learning About My Body by Evan-Moor Corp. The Noah Plan curriculum calls for, Me and My Body, Penguin Group, USA although we were unable to find a copy of it when we were initially ordering our books. It also calls for, Skeleton Inside You. I don’t know what that book is like, however, there are coloring pages in the Learning About My Body book and that was satisfactory for me. In any case, it’s helpful timewise to have these pages available.
  • A Child’s Garden of Songs: The Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson in Song by Ted Jacobs. We enjoy poetry and music. So, to help instill a love for both, it’s especially nice to have some of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s poetry put to music.This helped with our lessons about Robert Louis Stevenson when we had to be on the road.

Other than that, the usual supply of paper, paper reinforcement labels, pencils,crayons, or any other art supplies and creativity are needed.

Please feel free to ask ideas for substitutions if you find you need help with ideas for any specific lessons. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely fashion.



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