George Washington’s Early Life

Instead of focusing on a general President’s Day, I like to highlight President George Washington’s birthday in our homeschool. For one reason, God used him in several ways to help establish the freest nation on earth. Join me as I share about his early life and how his character was shaped.


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Life Dates

Why We Bother With Life Dates

While a lot of people tend to gloss over life dates, Biblical Classical homeschoolers see them as important for a few reasons:

  • God ordains when an individual is born on His history timeline of Liberty
  • The individual had responses to give to Holy God during his or her lifetime.
  • We can see how God used the individual during certain events, in particular institutions, or to pen documents–all of which either enslave or bring liberty to the individual.
  • The ability to trace the lives of those whom God used to influence an individual helps us to see His bigger picture.

George’s Life Dates

Born: February 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, VA

Died: December 14, 1799 (age 67 years), George Washington’s Mount Vernon, VA 

Family Lineage

God providentially places us within the families that He does. Can any of us pretend to know what determines the family He gives us or the circumstances surrounding our lives at our conception? In any case, the fact remains that He does. And the following questions remain for each of us:

“What does He want to teach me?”

“How does He want to shape me?”

and “How does He want to use me?”

The Early Life of George Washington

In The Life of George Washington by Washington Irving, we learn:

  • “The Washington family is of an ancient English stock, the genealogy of which has been traced up to the century immediately succeeding the [Normandy] Conquest.” -Washington Irving
  • His father was Augustine Washington and he was a Christian.
  • Mary Washington was his mother and she was a Christian.
  • He had an older half-brother by the name of Laurence (they shared the same father).
  • His father died when he was just eleven years old.
  • He had nine siblings.

George Washington’s Character

  • During his upbringing, he was imbued with the spirit of justice and generosity.
  • He had a “scrupulous love of truth.”
  • Laurence and George were close brothers with a brotherly affection for each other.
  • A martial spirit was a natural part of his attributes.
  • Imaginative and playful with his friends.
  • Obeyed, respected, and honored his mother.
  • Like his mother, he had a high temper and a spirit of command and he learned to temper both (he was like his mother in these ways).
  • The languages and belle lettre weren’t of interest to him.
  • His notebook shows his careful attention to diligence and industry.
  • Math was a strength of his.
  • He had a love of learning and was self-learned in some areas.
  • Athletics, agility, strength, and self-discipline were areas in which he naturally excelled.
  • He was humble.

The Sphere of Influence in the Early Life of George Washington

  • His father and mother who raised him with the Biblical worldview.
  • Laurence was well-educated, accomplished, manly, and cultivated in mind and manners.
  • An “old military spirit of the family” was seen in Laurence.
  • Friends within the military circle of his brother Laurence.
  • Laurence’s in-laws
  • Hobby, his early teacher.

The Early Life of George Washington and His Mother’s Influence

  • Mary was a serious Christian and she took care to disciple her children in God’s Word as she guided and guarded them in their early years.
  • She was frugal and humble.
  • Her clear and sound judgement, inflexible resolution, and untiring application were an example to him and his siblings.
  • A love of learning, family, and God’s Word were evident in her life.
  • She was diligent in developing and nurturing her children’s minds and manners.
  • Devotion to the education of children was a top priority.
  • She had a close, affectionate, nurturing relationship with her children.
  • Her children were raised in the principles of conduct, high morals, and honor.

Influences Matter

As history and the Bible teach us, influences matter greatly when it comes to shaping the heart and mind of an individual. Of course, that is true of adults, youth, and children. Of note, one’s external environment doesn’t shape the internal qualities of an individual (his or her choices). Rather, it’s one’s relationship with God, the regeneration of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, living by and honoring God’s principles, and a love for others that does. All of those shape our thinking and the way we think determines the way we’ll be.

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