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The Bible Principle Approach® Ripple Effect

This guest post is by Anna Durham with

The Bible Principle Approach® Ripple Effect

West Texas in the 1980’s meant open skies, big oil, and even bigger hair.  It also was the place God met our little church right where we were–out in the middle of nowhere.

My mother went to a conference—at our pastor’s insistence—and was bitten by the Bible Principle Approach® bug. She came home inspired to learn more, and soon after, started a Bible Principle Approach® school. We homeschooled my junior year with the Bible Principle Approach® and started the school my senior year. (Steve Mansfield gave my commencement address–how cool is that?)

We had direct access to many of the pioneers of Bible Principle Approach®: Ruth Smith, James and Barbara Rose, James and Barbara Kilkenny. They challenged and inspired and encouraged until we got our school up and running. It only lasted a few years but it was Providence for us. And this was a watershed moment for me.

Looking back now, I see how pivotal my last two years of high school were, all those years ago. They shaped everything that has come after. I can see how it has influenced my thinking and my family in the following ways:

Principle Approach, Classical Education, Christian Homeschool, Principled Academy, Bible Principles Homeschool

As a student

Thinking governmentally. Cause to effect, internal to external, conscience as the most sacred property: these are foundational to the Bible Principle Approach® way of things and it has become mine as well. There have been so many instances when the Lord has brought to my remembrance things I learned as a BPA student in high school.

4R’ing is a life changer! I still use this method today in things I am interested in learning more about. Learning this as a student myself, I discovered I could be prepared for any subject at any time, and really master a subject instead of only learning rote facts. And this is also related to notebooking, which I LOVE. Notebooking a subject can change your life. As an adult, commonplace books can be among your best resources.

As a parent

Hebrew model of education. My goal is raise godly children and to use all subjects to learn about Christ. All subjects come from Him and point to Him–in every subject at all times, even if they are not home educated, even in “real life”.

Parent with the eternity in mind. Parenting is forever. (No pressure!) But seriously, it has made me more mindful of the gravity of God entrusting me with these precious souls. As an American Christian, I have a obligation to raise my children as Christians first, but also as American Christians, which has unique responsibilities.

As a citizen

Filtering news/events through the 7 principles. It kind of comes natural to me at this point. And it’s fun, but I’m kind of nerdy that way. I enjoy seeing how current events fit into one or more of the 7 principles.

Know where my true citizenship lies. At the end of the day (and my life), I belong to Christ. His kingdom is what truly matters. It is my first thought and my first priority.

The Bible Principle Approach® has made me grateful for my small part in the timeline of HisStory, humble in the comforting thought that I have a purpose in God’s eternal plan. The pebble of Bible Principle Approach® has rippled these principles and methods from my parents, to me to my children, and to our community. And God-willing, it will continue to ripple through generations to come.



Anna Durham is a wife, mom of four, and eternal student of the Bible and Bible Principle Approach®. She founded PrincipledMom in 2005 as a resource and outlet for her home educating adventures. You can find her at and as PrincipledMom on social media.


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