The Art of Nation Making and America

The Art of Nation Making and America

When you were attending school or being homeschooled, you probably learned about different civilizations. And you probably learned about the history of them on a time line. If you’re homeschooling your children, they too are probably learning these things. But did you and are they learning the art of nation making and America? For certain, I hadn’t learned it. But I’m being mentored by Ben Gilmore of ACH Study Groups and I’m eating up this history! It’s amazing to see God’s Providence unfold and the purposes behind how He does it.

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Three Types of Government Seen in Antiquity

Unbeknown to many of us, there are three types of government that are seen in antiquity. And any other form of government can be narrowed down to one of those three. As a result, America has these three forms wisely incorporated in the way our Constitutional Republic is shaped.

And interestingly, all three forms are godly forms of government. Consequently, God uses each form as He sees fit for where a people’s hearts are at. The problem nations run into throughout history is when these godly forms of government derail.

Nation Making: The Methods and Their Results

We need to see the full picture of nation-making in order to understand human thoughts, feelings, and actions. With attention to these matters, we see the resulting effects on nations (internal-to-external and cause-to-effect).

As many homeschoolers are aware, literature is a great way to teach history. As such, learning history as literature draws us in to the records of it. But we also need to look at it with a “scientific spirit” which enhances our interests in it all the more.

Christ Impacted History

In essence, the Bible shares that many of the Jews of that time want the Messiah to deliver them from their Roman oppressors. And then they can once again form an independent Jewish nation.

But what many people miss is that the advent of Christ brings internal government to mankind. While at first it doesn’t look like this affects external government, it does indeed! And the key thing here to remember is that internal government is a choice for each individual to make.

And even though Christ’s mission wasn’t to overthrow Roman oppressors as hoped for, we do see historically how internal government through Him offers freedom from external oppressors. In what way? In brief, through the art of Christian Self-government and the art of nation making since the time of His ministry on earth.

How Internal Government Affects External Government

As previously stated, internal government gives us liberty. And we see in the records that our forefathers and Founding Fathers recognize this key principle. In fact, Christian Self-government is the second of seven principles upon which our nation is founded!

Indeed, we see evidence of this as we study about the Pilgrims. As the red books teach us, the more self-government individuals have, the more external liberties they have. Because they need less external rule. But the less self-government individuals have, the more external government they need to direct and rule them.

Do you see how as individuals we make up a nation? And as a nation, we have more external liberty as more individuals walk in internal self-government? Our forefathers and Founding Fathers saw it. And that’s how, in part, America’s form of government is a Christian form.

America Then and America Today

Because of our forefathers education and understanding of God’s governing principles, they were able to have internal and external liberties. And they were diligent and faithful in teaching these to preceding generations for our first 150 years. In fact, we find that even pastors of their time are faithful in teaching God’s governmental principles from the pulpit. Oh that we may be so diligent and faithful in our generation!

But as time carries onward, these principles are left further and further behind. In time we can regain our external liberties as we each practice Christian Self-government and become involved in our local civic government. And yes, I mean beyond casting a ballot.

How We Can Help Restore Our Republic

Below are practical ways to help restore our Republic:

  • Learn and Teach America’s Principles of Government
  • Faithfully teach American’s Providential History
  • Diligently teach with the Principle Approach® method of education
  • Get involved as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP)
  • Become involved in local elected positions
  • Participate in grass-roots efforts
  • Help educate other adults and youth

Using whatever gifts and talents God has given you and prioritizing the time He has given you are super helpful to our Republic. While we’re all busy and while there are a ton of things to capture our time and attention, we need weigh the costs. And if individuals keep leaving it up to the next person to take it on, less is accomplished.  “Many hands make light work” is a parable that rings true today.

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