Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part A

Are we off our rocker for getting ready for Thanksgiving Day? We don’t think so! I know… I know… everyone is getting ready for Halloween. We skip over Halloween because we had these questions: What’s the purpose of Halloween? What are the principles (origins) of it? How does this holiday have anything to do with God? How does it draw us closer to Him or honor Him? And the answers we came across in our research caused us to think that  when our family chooses to celebrate something, we want it to have godly purposes behind it.

But that doesn’t mean our lives are boring! We’re having fun decorating our porch for Thanksgiving Day! In fact, this is our first year in doing so.

So, this is a quick share about what we are doing (I intend to share quick posts as we go along)…

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My darling husband made a pumpkin shaped board for me (thank you again, Honey!). I painted it with acrylics. I also made my own chalkboard paint with my color preference. This is the tutorial I used to make my chalkboard paint.

This year, I chose to focus on the theme of  Freedom and I quoted Governor William Bradford regarding the Pilgrims experiment with Socialism (I used the first portions from the second paragraph found at the link). I think it’s also suitable considering this is an election year and may give visitors on our porch something to [hopefully] reflect on. 

*If you want to learn more about the Pilgrim’s experiment with socialism, please visit this link to Liberty Under Fire website.

And this is why we are doing it:

  • Thanksgiving Day is an American Celebration for people in the United States of America,
  • They gave us the Mayflower Compact which historians believe to have influenced The Declaration of Independence (the founding of the United States of America)
  • The Pilgrims gave thanks to God for His Providential Hand,
  • The Pilgrims gave thanks to God for His provision,
  • We are thankful year round for what God has done for us, however, Thanksgiving Day gives us time to reflect upon what God did for the Pilgrims.

Do you ever decorate your porch for Thanksgiving Day? How do you prepare to celebrate it? Have you been inspired by this post? Please share your thoughts!


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