Thanksgiving Day Games- Homeschool Co-op Party

During our homeschool co-op Thanksgiving Day parties, I recapped about the Protestant Reformation we covered in October and how the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) were alive around that time. I went over the “chain of Christianity” from the Plymoth Plantation Day Packet (you can find it at my store for purchase) and made a copy of page 27 for each family to help them see God’s Providential Hand in the flow of these events. I find it terribly difficult to narrow down the history about the Pilgrims, however, I mainly focused on:

  • their desire to leave Holland because of the worldliness (focusing on materialism),
  • they wanted to preserve their English (their children were speaking Dutch mostly),
  • and to help move the message of the Gospel Westward.
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Thanksgiving Day Themed Games
 Turkey Hunters:

I printed out a paper turkey (since it’s flat, it’s easier to hide in a room where hiding a larger item is more challenging). The *hunter* was sent out of the room while the turkey was hidden. When the *hunter* came back in the room, all of the other kids would gobble softly/slowly to loudly/quickly in lieu of saying hot, warm or cold. It was a lot of fun!

Corn or Bean Toss:

We divided the kids up into two teams. The kids at the front of the line had five beans each. They took turns tossing the beans. This continued until all of the children on each team had a turn. The team with the highest score won.

The plastic bowl set within the basket helped to make it more challenging. (See the black spots on the floor? Those are beans that slid up the sides and out of the bowl.)

Turkey Shoot:

For a craft, the kids made these turkeys. Then the kids were divided into four teams and they all had one turn each shooting at the turkeys with Nerf Guns. 🙂 The kids kept rotating within their teams until all of the turkeys were shot. The team with the most points won. 

Corn or Bean Search:

Well, we didn’t have kernels of corn so we used dried kidney beans for this game. I hid them around the room and the kids found as many as each of them could. 


During the games, the mothers all visited. After the games, all of the families ate and visited together. I think it was the highlight of the party!

These games could easily be done during Thanksgiving Day with your family. So, which ones do you think you’ll play? Are there other games you have played in the past? Please leave a comment sharing about them. 🙂


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