Testimonies & Comments

Below are some testimonials and comments about Principled Academy, Bible Principles Art Lessons by Principled Academy, The Open My Eyes© curriculum, and the difference that the Principle Approach® method has made in individual learning.

About Principled Academy

~Stephanie, Homeschooling Mom

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~Sarah Hadley




~Weaving Mama



Principled Academy has been a community of learning together. It has instilled the desire of the passing down of knowledge based on biblical principles.

The approach utilizing the Bible as reference has given us eyes to see. It has given us eyes to see, know and come to understand the world around us as God intended it to be known. It really has brought education to its purest form.

The approach provides the tools, the basis, to find information and process it so that it has the potential of having a lasting impression on not only the student but the teacher. It is an education of the heart, such a beautiful thing…a gift that can be applied to all of life.”

~Lucy Pope, Homeschool Mom

Whether you’re a newly convinced parent or just beginning to prod the possibilities of educating your children using the Principle Approach, you’ll find Principled Academy a resource you turn to time and again for clarity and encouragement. Heather has done a wonderful job of making what seems like a difficult concept easy to understand by doing exactly what the Principle Approach requires, searching the Scriptures. I highly recommend Principled Academy to any family looking into the Principle Approach or if you want to recapture the Biblical model of education.

~Gina Glenn, Principle Approach Mentor


About Bible Principles Art Lessons by Principled Academy

Rayetta, Homeschooling Mom

As a parent, I also benefited spiritually from fellowship with other moms during class time. Overall, our time spent learning Bible Principle art with Heather was an incredible blessing that left a lifelong impression on our family.”

~April Davis, Homeschooling Mom

“What I appreciated most about Heather’s art classes is her way of treating the students as talented, budding artists instead of beginners. Instead of choosing simple, childish projects, Heather encouraged the kids to tackle something more advanced. She did this by walking them step by step through the art project with an example of each step pre-made and on display. With calm, quiet instruction, Heather would help each student create really excellent art. Whether it was drawing, painting or sculpture, the kids’ delight and sense of accomplishment was wonderful!”

Cheri M., Homeschooling Mom



About the Open My Eyes© Bible Principles Curriculum (using the Principle Approach Method)

~A Mom in Idaho

~Merry Stewart

Implementing the 4R method of learning brought a greater understanding and a whole new depth to learning for us. We also grew spiritually as we delved into Yahweh’s Word.

I loved that the lessons promoted independent learning from students with some parent involvement as well. When our kids needed help, I was challenged to research for myself. It was fun to discover new truths along with them! We also enjoyed doing some of the activities together.

Our children learned to research information for themselves. Not to just listen and regurgitate information. They had to find truths for themselves. The lessons challenged our kids’ thinking. They learned how to apply what they learned to their own life and how everything they learn relates to Yahweh and His Word and His amazing creation!

~Kristen W., Homeschooling Mom