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Teaching Beyond a Biblical Worldview

Teaching Beyond a Biblical Worldview

Does that title grab your attention? What do I mean by teaching beyond a Biblical worldview? After all, aren’t Bible Principles and a Biblical worldview one and the same? In short, no they aren’t the same thing. But as you can probably gather, there is definitely a relationship between the two. And I’m thrilled to be able to share with you about the differences and about a curriculum that teaches both. So, let’s get to our topic of teaching beyond a Biblical worldview.

Bible Principles, Teaching Beyond a Biblical Worldview, Principle Approach Method, Principled Academy, Classical Education, Christian Education, Keep Bible at Heart of Education

A Biblical Worldview Is…

This is the foundation that most Christian curricula has. And that’s great! Because we need to start somewhere. To be clear, a Biblical worldview answers these general questions:

  • How did the world come to be?
  • Why are we here?
  • What’s the problem with the world?
  • What or Who is the solution?

As can be seen, this is a general overview of the Christian faith. Definitely, it’s important and critical that we teach our children the answers to these questions. As Christian parents, we can show them where to find the answers in the Bible. And especially the importance of our need for a Savior, Jesus Christ. However, as Christian parents we can definitely be teaching beyond a Biblical worldview. Indeed, we can go deeper than this as we homeschool our children with Bible Principles.

Bible Principles Are…

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines the word principles as:

PRIN’CIPLEnoun [Latin principium, beginning.] 1. In a general sense, the cause, source or origin of any thing; that from which a thing proceeds. 6. A general truth; a law comprehending many subordinate truths; as the principles of morality, of law, of government, etc.”

Also, it’s defined as this:

PRIN’CIPLEverb transitive To establish or fix in tenets; to impress with any tenet, good or ill; chiefly used in the participle. 1. To establish firmly in the mind.”

Therefore, we can go beyond teaching a Biblical worldview by teaching:

  • The cause, source, or origin of any thing,
  • A general truth,
  • Subordinate truths that support a Biblical worldview,
  • And we can help to firmly establish doctrine in our children’s minds.



The Richness of  Teaching with Bible Principles…

Because each and every subject has applicable Bible Principles, our children are continually seeing God’s mark. Truly, they’re receiving a rich education of Bible studies in each subject they study. And I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful this is for our children and for us parents. Additionally, the following is a part of teaching with Bible Principles:

  • Practicing self-governance through Christ. We learn what this means as we dive into the Bible daily.
  • Learning Christ-like character.
  • Applying reasoning and relating skills from the Bible.
  • Seeing God’s Providential Hand in the lives of men and nations.
  • Continually acknowledging Christ as the Focal Point of History (His Story).
  • Thinking internal-to-external.
  • Training our minds to think cause-to-effect (if this, then that).
  • Studying Key Individuals on the Timeline of Christian History.

Bible Principles, Teaching Beyond a Biblical Worldview, Principle Approach Method, Principled Academy, Classical Education, Christian Education, Keep Bible at Heart of Education

As Americans Who Happen to Be Christians…

It’s important to learn about the Bible Principles our nation is founded upon. And what an amazing historical form of education America has.  After all, our Founding Fathers carefully built our nation’s framework after the model of the Hebrew Republic we learn about in the Bible. And with great care, they also used the Ten Commandments and Bible Truths as a foundation for our nation.  Therefore, it’s important that we parents learn and teach our children what these are. Because as President Ronald Reagan said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Certainly, this doesn’t mean that we idolize people in History. Nor do we claim them to be perfect individuals. Not by any means. But it’s clear that throughout History that God uses ordinary people to accomplish His purpose.

Surely you already know that God used the Apostle Paul to help spread the Gospel westward. But the locations of his missionary journeys weren’t the westward limit for the spreading of the Gospel. By all means, God had a bigger plan.  And do you recognize that part of the Gospel spreading westward was for It to spread across the ocean to Europe and then to the Americas? Isn’t is something to ponder about how the United States of America is the fullest expression of Christian Liberty in a nation? And is it any wonder when we see the liberties given to a self-governing republic because of the Bible?

Truly, as Christians who happen to be American this is a great responsibility and privilege that we have.

The Noah Plan® Curriculum…

If you’re loving the sound of keeping the Bible at the heart of education, The Noah Plan® Curriculum has lessons with a Biblical worldview. And the lessons have Bible principles (truths) for each subject.

One of the things I love, is how conversational the lessons are. While they’re not exactly scripted, they have talking points for you to discuss with your children. And it’s fulfilling to open up our Bibles in each subject to read the pertaining Bible Truth for each lesson.

What If You Have multiple children?

In this instance, you can still start with the Kindergarten lessons. Because Bible Truths are for everyone. And this isn’t your average curriculum! If your older student already knows what is being taught in science, use the lesson as a review. And then branch him or her off with a related science curriculum that he or she will learn more from. But the Bible Truths are overarching and can be taught to students regardless of their age. Additionally, age spans can reason and relate as it relates to the lessons.

Where Can This Curriculum Be Found?

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The Noah Plan Kindergarten Curriculum

The Noah Plan First Grade Curriculum

The Noah Plan Second Grade Curriculum

The Noah Plan Third Grade Curriculum

The Noah Plan® for the Whole Family

The Noah Plan® Curriculum does go from kindergarten through the third grade. My understanding is that by the time a parent goes through the curriculum, the goal is to have them be led by the Holy Spirit as they plan the lessons from the Noah Plan® curriculum overviews.

But this tends to be the caveat for many parents. Because life is busy. Especially as homeschooling parents (regardless of how many children you have). Therefore, our Open My Eyes© Curriculum is based off of the Noah Plan® Overviews. And it’s for the whole family!

If you’re interested in learning more about it, you can click on this link right here to find out about our Chrysalis PLUS Members’ Club and how it works.



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