Teaching Americas Providential History, Principle Approach, Classical Education

Teaching America’s Providential History

Teaching America’s Providential History

Many Americans who are Christian are unaware of God’s Providence in regards to the history of our nation.  As such, there’s a concerning lack of parents and teachers teaching America’s Providential History.

In order to help preserve our liberties, we need to be teaching our children our Providential History. And we need to do this from very young ages. In essence, we need to teach them about God’s plan to prepare individuals for America to spread the Gospel westward. Additionally, we need to help them develop a love for our country. Notably, it’s important to teach them the Bible Principles on which it’s formed. Because our future as a nation depends upon it. Indeed, we each are on the Christian History Timeline. As such, we each have the responsibility to help teach our Christian Heritage. If we don’t, we run a serious risk of losing our liberties ever so quickly.

So, here’s to teaching America’s Providential History to your children this Thanksgiving. See the helpful resources below.

Teaching America's Providential History, Principle Approach, Biblical-Classical Education

Free Thanksgiving Day Printable Resources

Teach your children the TRUE story of the First Thanksgiving with this FREE download– The Foundation for American Christian Education

A Family Guide to Thanksgiving for the American Christian Home, Church, and School– Pilgrim Institute

Why It’s Okay to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day and a Free Trivia Game for the Family– Principled Academy

Preparing a Modern Thanksgiving Day Sermon– WallBuilders


Providential Thanksgiving Films and Short Films

Monumental: In Search for America’s Lost Treasure– This can be rented on Amazon, Pureflix or maybe from your local library

Thanksgiving Exposed: Introduction– Dayspring Christian Academy (A Principle Approach® School)

Thanksgiving Exposed: Mayflower Contact– Dayspring Christian Academy (Short Film)

History of Thanksgiving– David Barton of Wallbuilders

The Real Thanksgiving Story: Glory to God, the Author of Liberty! – The Story of Liberty with John Bona and Marshall Foster

The Miracle of America– Dr. Marshall Foster

What’s the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?– PragerU

Series of Videos:

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Part One– Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Part Two– Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Part Three– Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Part Four– Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Part Five– Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster


Providential Thanksgiving Podcasts

Remember America Lecture Series 2017: Pilgrim Principles of Self-Government– Dayspring Christian Academy

Explaining the Forefathers Monument: Kirk  Cameron Part One– The Story of Liberty


Providential Thanksgiving History as a Ministry

The True Pilgrim Story Shared in Russia– Dayspring Christian Academy

My Favorite Holiday: The Thanksgiving Exposed Story– Dayspring Christian Academy



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