Heather Hall: Session Topics

Biblical Classical education, in particular The Principle Approach®(1), as Rosalie Slater described it, is my area of expertise, passion, and part of my life’s calling is to bring it to Christian homeschool families.

The Principle Approach® is simply and concisely described as as:

“The Principle Approach® is America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning which makes the truths of God’s Word the basis for every subject . . . “

-Rosalie Slater, Co-Founder of The Foundation for American Christian Education

Current topics on which I speak are:



Training Character in Children Through Art

How Art Enhances Science Studies

Art is Discipleship

Why The Principle Approach®

What People are Saying

Session: Training Character in Children Through Art


“Instead of just hearing the usual advice (again) that picture/artist studies are important, you modeled how to recognize Biblical principles in a painting and how the worldview of that artists influences their product. It was fascinating to see those connections and made art study more meaningful. Charlotte Mason methods focus on using art study to strengthen the skill of attention to detail. I’ve always enjoyed art, but now I can use it for sharpening discernment in my home so that it serves a greater purpose.”

-Ashley C., Homeschool Mom


“Thanks for your hard work in organizing the Summit. I especially enjoyed the sessions that you and Raquel led. I found them to be well-researched and informative. They were practical, in terms of both modeling and the offering of creating teaching ideas.

“While it’s imperative to teach The Principle Approach® philosophy, it’s equally important to show how that philosophy is implemented in home school and day school classrooms.”

-Ana B.


“On Art–I loved how you incorporated some of Francis Shcaeffer’s teachings. I periodically read/watch his “How Shall We Then Live” to refresh my knowledge. I have a copy of “The God Who is There” on my bookshelf, but haven’t read it in ages; I’m going to re-read it.

“I love that you used those three simple words–the good, the beautiful and the true. I love the continued reference to Truth, while encouraging creativity and imagination in that context. Also, self-government over internal–thoughts and ideas, as well as external–supplies.”

-Suzanne L.


Thank you for this summit! . . . It really put me to the right path, on the big picture of family government and raising children who know how to handle freedom and be a leader for Christ. The Art, history and literary sessions also speak wisdom on the Biblical View and equipping me to have discernment on the right source in these subjects.

“A testimony to share: I have been praying for God to lead me to how to train up our children and how to choose the right homeschool curriculum for my kids. Also recently, I have come across an online art class (secular one) before I was listening to the art session. I was praying whether I should sign up for the class for my child. But after hearing the art [session], about art reflecting the creation and the beauty of God, I know that was not the class I should have my kids to attend. The premise is more important than the [techniques].”

-Rachel, Homeschool Mom

Art is Discipleship
Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit
with Biblical Classical Homeschoolers

How Art Enhances Science Studies
Music and Art Homeschool Summit™
with Jus’ Classical

Training Character in Children
Through Art
Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™
with Biblical Classical Homeschoolers


The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education.