Saving America with the Principle Approach

Saving America with the Principle Approach®

She’s super special to me. And even though she’s much older than I, it’s a blessing to know her. Or at least to know her through her past. Without doubt, she’s changing. And it’s concerning to me. By all means, to see her character suffering so is excruciatingly painful. On all sides, people think they know what the answer is. Yet, I question how the things many people say can be her cure. Because despite all attempts these people claim, it goes on and on for her like this… yet ever worsening. And so it’s with love for her that I, and many others, resolve to stay by her side. There’s so much hope for her. Do you think so? Oh but you do know of whom I speak. I’m talking about America… her character and individuality as a nation. Yes, I’m talking about saving America.

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Helping to Defend America

Our nation from the onset has a history of men and women fighting for our liberties. My grandfather, father, and other family members have a history of serving her. And my husband’s grandfather does, too. To say nothing of acquaintances and friends seeing their sons off to training with the Army or Navy. Or will soon be doing so.

How disheartening when our men and women fight to help preserve our liberties, only for liberties to erode anyway. For all of their selfless sacrifice, why is America falling apart? Why is her character suffering?

Without doubt, it’s because it’s happening from the inside. Education is her heartbeat. And largely through her veins pumps a humanistic form of education. Life is in the blood. And the kind of life America is going to live will be reflective of this. To be sure, we see what’s going on in her internally by the external expressions of individuals reshaping her culture.

I believe it’s because more of us need to have the backs of military people through education. Truly, education is our territory to defend. Indeed, it’s a battle of ideas.

America’s Overall Humanistic Education

As most people are aware, non-American and humanistic ideas are being taught to the next generation at large. In fact, many students are embracing its ideas.  Why should they question the people who influence them the most day in and day out? These young, impressionable minds put trust in educators from the moment they step into public classrooms.

And parents who have their kids do public school curriculum at home are in the same boat. I know this is touchy ground; I have friends and family who utilize public education. But I refuse to walk on egg shells about it. While being at home may spare them some influences among peers, using a humanistic curriculum won’t in some areas. Because ideas have consequences.

Contrasting the Humanistic and Biblical Worldviews of Race

For example, do you hold to the idea that an individual’s skin color defines race? If so, this is a humanistic influence in this area. For this idea of race is not Biblical. In fact, Darwin divides humankind up into categories of “races” by eye color, skin color, hair color/type. And it’s his belief that it’s an evolutionary progression. Additionally, he categorizes “white” people- especially Europeans- to be more “advanced” than humans with a darker complexion. Thereby, he creates this *idea* of a hierarchy of “races.”

Tribes? Yes. Nationalities? Yes. But these are different and based on family and location. As Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines it with a Biblical worldview:

“1. The lineage of a family, or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock. A race is the series of descendants indefinitely. Thus all mankind are called the race of Adam; the Israelites are of the race of Abraham and Jacob. Thus we speak of a race of kings, the race of Clovis or Charlemagne; a race of nobles, etc.”

To be fair, most of us aren’t taught our nation’s Christian Heritage, founding principles, and Biblical Principles in each subject. This includes myself. Of note, I was homeschooled with a popular Christian curriculum for most of my formal education. And it’s the same personal history for the brief experience I have as a student of a Christian high school. But the Biblical-Classical Education that birthed our nation and her Christian character is available to us. And I believe strongly this is the key in education that our nation needs.

Shaping Minds for Christ Through Education

Discussion can often be centered around these:

  • Christian children are to be salt and light in the public schools. It’s a ministry for them.
  • Our family goes to church faithfully. And our kids will be fine despite a public education.
  • We vote conservatively and constantly talk with our children about the importance of conservative views. They’ll vote wisely.

Undoubtedly, the mission field is important as Christians. But dear Christian parents, our home is a mission field. If our children are in a public educational system, they’re under a humanistic influence. This is in conflict with a Biblical worldview. As seen with the topic of race, it can be very subtle. But do consider how even the subtle humanistic view of race negatively impacts our own nation.

In either case, education ripples outward from our homes, to our churches, to our government. Once we recognize this, we’ll see the power of teaching with a Biblical-Classical Education. And we’ll recognize the faults of being under a humanistic form of education. Because a humanistic education cannot shape minds for Christ through education.

Christ is the Focal Point of History

For the Christian, we see that Christ is the Focal Point of History when reading the Bible. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament proclaim this Truth.

Every subject has a history as well as Biblical principles tied to it. Furthermore, every subject intertwines with the Gospel.

At her core, America has roots in the Gospel:

  • Pilgrims Providentially come westward to spread the Gospel message.
  • The Bible is the text for generations in America.
  • Founding documents secure Biblical Principles in them for the liberty of the individual.
  • Historically, her education is a Biblical-Classical form.
  • Biblical-Classical education is taught for around the first 150 years of America’s life as a nation.
  • Reasoning from the Bible in all areas is a huge part of America’s historical form of education: The Principle Approach®.

Saving America by Restoring a Biblical-Classical Education

Are your kids learning about civil government? That’s great! Indeed, it’s important to understand the how and why our government functions the way that it does. In fact, I highly recommend TeenPact for this purpose. However, is this the same as helping them understand America’s decline? And is it the same as giving our students a Biblical-Classical education? In short, no it isn’t.

But we can give them a Biblical-Classical Education. And once future generations begin to think governmentally because of it, America has a strong chance of being saved. It’s going to take more Christians to get on board with this. Will you be a part of the growing numbers of families embracing the mission to restore America?  Be encouraged by the PEERS Test results for a Biblical-Classical Education. And let’s do this together!

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