Reformation Day! William Tyndale

Last year, I read The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day by Scott O’Dell for our family read aloud.

Oh Mr. Tyndale… he sacrificed so much of his life to translate the Bible and print it in English so people could have their own  Bibles to read. His health was so meager toward the end of his life. His life… did he think much of it when fulfilling such a purpose for others?

To have our own Bibles! This is precious! 
And it makes me wonder… do people value this freedom enough? 
People may open it and read a passage…
… people may do a study and have a deep discussion….
… and then *go on with life* not knowing about or thinking of the cost…
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This book is full of action and suspense and it is very eye opening to the dangers the Protestant Reformers faced- even those *behind the scenes* like the printers and smugglers. His faith is inspiring and warms our hearts. We were all in tears as we read about how his life on this earth ended.
Our family values taking time to honor the memory of our brothers and sisters in Christ who sacrificed so much… for others. For me. For you. For your children… so that we can have a copy of our own  Bibles.
October 31st is Reformation Day
How will you spend it?
Sometimes fitting in read aloud time is challenging. You can purchase the audio book of The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day at for only $7.49. 

You can also watch God’s Outlaw- William Tyndale on youtube.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered the book. We read The Bible Smuggler this year but are hungry for more about this amazing man and time.

    1. You’re welcome! ***Depending on how young your children are, you may want to read ahead a little as some practices shared about during that time are a bit graphic. I did skip over those areas in the story because of our really little ones.