Reformation Day Revival: Sharing the Joy of God’s Word Where You Stand

The bowl of candy sat on the desk, hugged by little papers blanketed in a brief history of the cause to effect of the Protestant Reformation. Two tall LED candles, on either side of the bowl, lit up the cross overlooking the bowl. Bibles were stacked to the right with little notes: “Free Bibles, Please take one. Happy Reformation Day!” A sign hung up behind and above the cross with the same brief history of the Protestant Reformation (the photo was taken before these final touches were added).

Our porch was lovingly and joyfully handcrafted by each of us- transforming it into “Castle Church”. Our goal was to make our porch declare a different message than that of neighboring porches and yards with common decor glorifying the dark. We wanted to draw people with light and truth.

Excitedly, we stepped into our home and closed the door behind us. In our decorated living space, knights, kings, princesses, fair maidens, and villagers gathered together to honor the memory of the brave men and women of the Protestant Reformation. Thanks and glory were given to God for the mighty work He did. We all enjoyed a dinner theater as we ate a themed meal and watched Reformation Day films.

Not knowing how much of a crowd there would be, we hoped and prayed that this year there would be good weather and many people. We were thankful that the weather was dry and there was a steady flow of people in our area to collect candy. Yippeeee!

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Once in a while, I’d pass by the front door and hear thoughtful remarks on the other side: “I never knew about Reformation Day…” and people would linger, happily chatting for a few moments. Sometimes, we’d peer out from behind the curtains and see people stop to read the papers we wrapped around the candy.

The best part of all, is that the Bibles were taken by individuals! Praise the Lord! May they be read. May the soils of their hearts be soft and ready for seeds of truth to sprout and grow. May all of us continue to experience personal reformation:


1. The act of reforming; correction or amendment of life, manners, or of any thing vicious or corrupt; as the reformation of manners; reformation of the age; reformation of abuses. ~Webster’s 1828 Dictionary


As I reflect on this year’s experience, I’m thankful that we are right here. God has us standing right where He wants us and we’re able to reach others for Him. We just simply need to do it. My prayer is that more Christians will in some way reach others on October 31st with our Christian Heritage and why and how we Providentially have the Bible in the hands of individuals and languages of peoples.

Next year, along with Bibles, our hope is to have some children’s literature about the Protestant Reformers to give away as well. Will you pray for God’s provision so that we may be able to do this?

What about you? Will you share with our community in the comments about what you did for Reformation Day or what you’re inspired to do for next year? Let’s share ideas to encourage each other and inspire each other!


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  1. Hi! I would love the printouts that you used for the candy if you still have them!

    1. Hi, they should be accessible in the free Caterpillar Members’ Area. Just go to the “Members’ Area” and when the menu drops down select “Caterpillar Members’ Area.” Please let me know if you end up having any problems accessing it.