#Reformation Day Puppets- Free Printables!

Probably like most folks, I like to try to find little ways to help our children remember people we are learning about. I thought you all may enjoy the use of these little puppets (sorry I can’t offer free printable craft sticks to go along with the puppet print out). 🙂 However, I’m sure you could find twigs in your yard or straws to use if crafts sticks aren’t hanging around your home at the moment. 

These puppets are created to go along with Simonetta Carr’s book, Athanasius. Even though depictions of the Reformers are not reliable, they offer some visual aid. A challenge arose when researching for a couple of images: a man by the name of Serapion and Bishop George were nowhere to be found. However, overall most of the historical figures discussed are available in this free assortment.

Card stock is recommended but regular paper should work fine if care is taken. Laminating them is also an option if you think your crew may be a bit rough with the puppets.

What? You don’t have a copy of Athanasius?! Then you may want to click here to enter for your chance to win a copy during this week’s giveaway!  

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