Reformation Day! Lady Jane Grey

When I learned about Reformation Day, I didn’t understand why I had never heard of it while growing up! And I wonder why more churches don’t highlight it? It was an important time in history!

This year, our family is learning about Lady Jane Grey. Have you ever heard of her? I just learned about her when researching. She was a queen for only 9 days! I am very excited to learn about this book written by Simonetta Carr:

Our copy should arrive in the mail this week! It sounds like Simonetta Carr does an excellent job explaining about Lady Jane Grey in this book and  I can’t wait to give you a review of the book!  

I came across this trailer of an independent Christian film. It looks good!

The budget being what it is for costumes, I’m going to do my creative best to work with what we have on hand. Our kids are going to collaborate on a *drama report* for our homeschool co-op and they want to be in period costume.

This is what I’m going off of for our girls.
Found at:
Our girls had sewn long skirts a while back; I have some scrap fabric left over and I think I have enough of it to make the long cuffs for the sleeves. I’m thinking they can wear long sleeved shirts with their skirts and then I’ll sew an elastic band around the top of the long cuffs so it looks like they are sewn onto the sleeves. I’m not sure if I have enough fabric to mock the dress or not (it makes me think of an apron and I might be able to pull it off).
We have a knight shirt we bought a few years back and it will fit one of the boys. I have a tree skirt that I’ll sue for a cape for the king (if we end up having a king portrayed). I’ll try to post pictures of their outfits before the end of the week!
Other than all of the co-op kids giving reports (on the Reformation if they’d like to), we’ll have an art project relating to that time period, organized games and snacks.
What about you? What are you planning for Reformation Day (October 31st)? Who are you learning about this year?

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