#Reformation Day #Freebie Printable Bookmarks

Bookmarks are wonderful! I know because I love to read, my husband loves to read, and well… you probably can guess that we are raising children to embrace a love of reading. When I’m short on bookmarks, all sorts of random little things laying around impose as proper holding places. Somehow, oddities just can’t quite pull the job off in the same way. 🙂

These bookmarks are designed with the Principle Approach® method of using a Leading Idea and Bible Principles for teaching and learning. Hopefully you’ll find them useful when discussing information about different Reformers with your children.

They may make pretty neat little gifts and reminders about these people and this time in history.

(Click photo to enlarge.)

And they look lovely against the Christian Biographies For Young Readers Books by Simonetta Carr. Have you entered the giveaway for her book, Athanasius? Click here to enter while there is still time!

(Click photo to enlarge.)

*Card stock is recommended. 
*Laminating them is an option, too.
*Be sure to change your printer option for paper direction to landscape (otherwise they’ll print out to be mini bookmarks).


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  1. Thank you for the beautiful bookmarks! God bless to you and your family.

    April in KY