Reformation Day Activities

Reformation Day Activities

Do you know what’s right around the corner? Our family is getting super excited as we make plans for celebrating the Protestant Reformation Day on October 31st. While we’ll be having a small celebration indoors, we’re gearing up to share about God’s Providential Hand in this historical event. And we’ve got some ideas we hope to inspire you with as you endeavor to help share about Reformation Day. Not to mention, we hope you enjoy several of the Reformation Day activities we link to in this article. Won’t you help be a part of a Reformation Day Revival and help our fellow Christian American’s find the beauty in our Christian heritage?

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The Bible in English

Many of our readers know that we use the Noah Plan® curriculum and the Noah Plan® curriculum overviews as the spine for our 4th-12th grade lessons. And one of the many things I love and appreciate learning about is the history of how we got the Bible in English. Because God’s Providential Hand (His provision) is all over it.

Since there will be a ton of families out and about for a particular holiday that we don’t participate in, we’ve been declaring God’s Providence on our front porch. After all, Halloween and Reformation Day share the same date. Albeit that’s all they share.

Therefore, we’re putting together a special something to help be a light in a darkened world. Indeed, we love to share about the Bible and our Christian Heritage. And, after all, our Republic is rooted in the Reformation. For our Principled Notes newsletter subscribers, our Reformation Day Printable Freebie Packet is waiting for you in the free Caterpillar Members’ Club area.

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For People Who Are Out And About

To begin with, once again we’ll decorate our porch like the backdrop of a historical play. Likely, we’ll go with a setting representing Castle Church in Wittenberg where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis. For sure we’ll have Bibles set out for people to take. Of course, there will be another bowl of candy with little scrolls tied to them. And these scrolls have a brief explanation about Reformation Day. Last but not least, we’re hoping to have Renaissance music playing softly.

But this year, we’re also giving out some literature for families to enjoy. On a first come, first serve basis, each family may choose one book to enjoy. We’re super excited about this and I sure wish we could have a whole lot more books to gift to people. But it’s a start. If you’re interested in which Reformation Day children’s literature made our list for this year, I share bout that in a video in our Christian Homeschooling with Bible Principles Facebook group.

What We’re Doing

In the earlier part of the day, we plan on doing some of the activities at the links below. And we have some favorite Reformation Day books that we plan on reading.

And we’re planning gathering for later in the day. Provided that no one gets sick, we should be able to follow through with this. With this in mind, we typically have hearty meal spread with a themed dinner and desserts. Plus, we’ll watch some Reformation Day films.

If you’re wondering if we bother to decorate indoors as well, yes we do. Although we tend to keep the indoor decorations more simple. But our table can be pretty elaborate.

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Where Do You Stand?

As a Christian who lives in America, where do you stand? To point out, you’re a part of God’s Story. Indeed, you’re on the Christian History Timeline. How will you make a difference, declaring the Good and Providential works of God? Won’t you please share in the comments about what you’ll be doing for Reformation Day?


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