10 Things You Need to Know About Quality Character

10 Things You Need to Know About Quality Character

“The whole life of the Christian, from the beginning to the end, is a conflict with the world and the powers of darkness, a conflict within and without…” -Neander “Memorials of a Christian Life, ” 1852. For sure, our third superhero must be prepared to face the powers of darkness and the daily conflict resulting from it. Enter, Quality Character!

Quality Character knows the importance of putting on daily the Armor of God. And he knows that his strength comes from the power of Christ within him to overcome evil. But what else is there to know about our superhero, Quality Character? Well, here are the 10 things that you need to know about Quality Character…

10 Things That You Need to Know About Quality Character, Principle Approach

1. Quality Character Listens Up

Just as with the wise man who built his house on the rock, Quality Character listens to what Jesus teaches. However, let’s make sure we understand what is meant by listen. The faithful sidekick of all of our superheros, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, shares this:

“Listen, vi: 1. To hearken; to give ear; to attend closely with a view to hear. To obey; to yield to advice; to follow admonition.”

Therefore, we learn that Quality Character doesn’t simply read the words of Jesus Christ. More than that, he hears and obeys. For anyone who is human, we all know this can be a struggle within and without. But just like our superhero, we can rely on Christ to strengthen us to do what He instructs us to do.

2. Quality Character Fights Wisely

For this, 2 Timothy 4:7 is a key verse that Quality Character grips tightly to. Specifically, he fights the good fight. Moreover, he finishes the course and keeps the faith.

To be sure, he doesn’t keep his focus on darkness. Rather, he keeps his focus on the prize and keeps his faith in Christ. Because without faith in Christ, our superhero can do nothing.

3. Quality Character Positively Knows Where Power Comes From

Now this doesn’t mean that he never struggles with staying positive. But it does mean that he chooses to keep Philippians 4:13 at the forefront of his thoughts. Because this is one of his best spiritual weapons. So, he knows and believes with all his heart that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. It’s key for our superhero to be positive that he can only do things because of Christ.

4. Quality Character Guards His Most Precious Asset

One of the other key elements to Quality Character is that he maintains a clear conscience before both God and men. Needless to say, this is powerful. If Quality character didn’t do this, he’d for sure be falling prey to his mastermind nemesis. Of course, you can expect to learn of this enemy later.

But if the enemy can get Quality Character to ignore his conscience a little at a time, then the enemy wins. Because then Quality Character no longer hears his conscience and gives up caring or being able to discern right from wrong. So above all else, this is something our superhero must guard diligently.

5. Quality Character Knows That Faith and Steadfastness are of Great Importance

Valuing mentors, our superhero looks to both current and past individuals with Christian Character to help shape him. For example, he looks to the example of the Pilgrims’ life and character. How were the Pilgrims able to stand firm? Well, it comes down to certain qualities from within. Of course, this can be observed in accounts of men and women in the Bible as well.

Therefore, Quality Character carefully considers the trials and tribulations in comparison and contrast to the faith and steadfastness of such individuals. And this is how it becomes a part of who he is as an individual.

6. Quality Character Embraces Brotherly Love and Christian Care

What does this truly look like? It’ll reflect Christian Character. What is the response to those in need, those who are hurting, and those who need encouragement? Furthermore, how are preparations made when taking others into consideration? Is revenge shown by making culprits suffer for their sins?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when wanting to reflect brotherly love and Christian care to others. In this way, Quality Character matures and is able to reflect the light of Christ no matter what.

7. Quality Character Practices Diligence and Industry

With all of the other traits being cultivated within Quality Character, he’s able to maintain and grow in the following areas:

  • God-fearing,
  • Christ-honoring,
  • Christian-reliance vs. turning to socialism for “help.”

Quality Character recognizes that turning to the state to supply his needs isn’t testing his faith. And it’s not honoring to God—our ultimate Provider. For He does take care of His creation and His children. So, by Christian-reliance we mean that Quality Character follows and trusts God’s system:

  • Family helping family,
  • If more help is needed then the church can help give support as needed,
  • Brothers and sisters in Christ can help support each other,
  • And volunteer organizations may be turned to.

Biblically, these are some ways that God provides for individuals. But Biblically it isn’t the role of the gov’t to meet the needs of individuals.

8. Quality Character Values Liberty of Conscience

“It’s better to please God than men,” is Quality Character’s motto.

He has a healthy zeal for God’s truths and shakes off any yoke of anti-Christian bondage. Rather, he seeks to fully understand the Gospel and all the freedom that it entails.

For instance, Quality Character, like the Pilgrims, would much rather be in fellowship with the Gospel than false doctrines of men. Yes, even if there is danger in doing so, Quality Character will choose to bond with others in Covenant with the Lord.

Another example, the internal self-gov’t in and through Christ is reflective in civil gov’t. For this reason, there’s liberty of conscience when one exercises God’s truths of gov’t. As well as when one forsakes the anti-Christian bondage of socialism.

9. Quality Character is Like the Stars and Like the Chamomile

Since Quality Character relies upon God’s system, even through trials and tribulations, he shines like the stars in the heavens. Or as the Pilgrims before him, he smells as fragrant as trampled Chamomile the more he is pressed. This, he knows, is a sweet aroma to his Heavenly Father and a witness to others.

10. Quality Character’s Mastermind Enemy

As mentioned earlier, Quality Character has a mastermind enemy. And his name is Degradation.

To help you spot Degradation’s character qualities, let’s turn to our superhero’s sidekick Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

  • A reducing in rank; the act of depriving one of a degree of honor, of dignity, or of rank.
  • The state of being reduced from an elevated or more honorable station, to one that is low in fact or in estimation.
  • Baseness; degeneracy. Deplorable is the degradation of our nature.
  • Diminution or reduction of strength, efficacy or value.

In Conclusion

Quality Character, a child of the King Most High, wants to honor his Father. Being adopted into the King of King’s family, he doesn’t want to be reduced in rank, his degree of honor, or dignity. As a part of a royal priesthood, he wants to follow the King’s system for giving and receiving help. And to walk uprightly in Christ-like character.

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