The Principle Approach® Foundations Literature Lessons






Our Principle Approach® Foundations Literature lessons are perfect for Biblical Classical Homeschoolers!
Our open n’ go style allows for teaching and learning about the foundations of literature with ease!
Save time by not having to research and figure out what to teach. This study of 53 notebook pages includes:
◾️Lesson Plan for your records
◾️Answer keys for parents/teachers
◾️Five days of lessons broken down by day for you!
◾️Word studies
◾️Charts and graphs to help with comprehension
◾️Graphic organizers
◾️Reason and relate questions
◾️Whetstones to help sharpen your student’s mind and gain the consent of the learner (for almost every lesson). *I’d like to acknowledge Dayspring Christian Academy teachers Donna Hurley and Mary Stauffer and Nate Mellinger of Twin Valley Bible Academy for their inspiration with starting classes in this type of way. I have creatively incorporated these into the lessons to give parents/teachers some additional time before the lessons start. I hope it’s a blessing to you!
◾️Your purchase is for your immediate family only.
◾️You are not free to give copies away nor to sell them (thank you for honoring Ex. 20:15).
◾️Want to use it to teach a class or homeschool co-op? Contact us to discuss pricing options.
◾️Designed for 4th-8th grade students. (*Some students may need more help from their parent/teacher than others).


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