Teaching Providential History






This teacher guide prepares you to teach providential history at every grade. It complements the 55-page excerpt of William Bradford’s classic History Of Plimoth Plantation, found in The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self-Government Volume I (CHOC I), as a major link on the Chain of Christianity® and the prime example for teaching the hand of God in history. Bradford’s work is an important resource for every grade. A directed study is outlined with readings in CHOC I, Teaching and Learning: The Principle Approach® and other resources.
This newly revised edition has been expanded to include more articles, maps and timelines for understanding the imperative of a providential view of history. Introductions to the guide and to the readings help frame the specific studies with Principle Approach methods. Charts and instructions for analyzing the significance of Key Individuals, Key Events and Key Writings in God’s story of liberty are featured as tools for teaching and learning. A compilation of leading ideas and questions categorized to promote 4-R’ing: Researching, Reasoning, Relating and Recording of the key link on America’s Christian History Timeline, Our Christian Founding: The Pilgrim Story is included. The beautiful full-color cover and other artwork inside also serve as useful tools for teaching.