Principle Approach® Ornithology/Bird Study Cards






Principle Approach® Ornithology Studies

These handy 3.5 x 2 cards make great little flash cards, for taking with you on walks/hikes to for identification purposes, or they may be filed in a Biblical Classical notebook using a business card binder pages. Of note, we recommend printing these on Avery 5874 Clean Edge Business Cards (Wide).

Let us help you save time by having these ready-to-go for your child’s lessons on bird studies. This 55 card set includes:

◾️1 Topic Card
◾️1 What birds may eat card
◾️1 Ornithology terminology card
◾️11 types of bird nest cards
◾️4 Bible verse cards that have to do with birds
◾️8 Bible principle cards
◾️12 cards about feathers
◾️5 cards about types of beaks
◾️7 cards about types of bird feet
◾️5 cards about eggs
◾️Your purchase is for your immediate family only.
◾️You are not free to give copies away, capture the lessons with any device, nor to sell them (thank you for honoring Ex. 20:15).
◾️Want to use it to teach a class or homeschool co-op? Contact us to discuss pricing options.
◾️Designed for K-8th grade students. (*Some students may need more help from their parent/teacher than others).


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