Principle Approach®: History Study of Jedidiah Morse and the California Gold Rush






Our Principle Approach® History Study of Jedidiah Morse and the California Gold Rush is a great lesson to kick start your studies. Biblical Classical Homeschoolers are encouraged to carry their studies further!
This is the fourth in a series. We recommend this order:  American Federalism and Noah Webster; Frontier Life; Lewis and Clark: A Providential View; Jedidiah Morse: Father of American Geography and the California Gold Rush; Lewis and Clark Field Study pack. You may, of course, choose any order you wish.
Our open n’ go style allows for teaching and learning about this topic in a creative way—the lessons are designed to be read independently by the child (as he or she is capable of doing) or aloud by the parent/teacher. Both parents/teachers and students are guided through the Principle Approach® philosophy and method since the lessons are designed with them built in to them.
You will need to have a copy of The Making of American California book by Dorothy Dimmick to expand your studies as you feel led to. You may also like to use Jedidiah Morse’s Elements of Geography to expand your studies on his curriculum that was used in American schools. Additionally, you may like to consider reading books suitable for your child’s age on the
Save time by not having to research and figure out what to teach. This study of 66 notebook pages includes:
◾️Lesson Plan for your records
◾️Answer keys for parents/teachers
◾️Five days of lessons broken down by day for you!
◾️Word studies
◾️Comprehension questions
◾️Reason and relate questions
◾️Key Individual Study on Jedidiah Morse
◾️Key Documents
◾️Key Event Chart for his contribution to America
◾️Key Event Chart for the making of American California
◾️Map work for: the Chain of Christianity®; the Eerie Canal; the National Road; the California Trail; the Santa Fe Trail (research on these are encouraged to enhance your lessons).
◾️Your purchase is for your immediate family only.
◾️You are not free to give copies away, capture the lessons with any device, nor to sell them (thank you for honoring Ex. 20:15).
◾️Want to use it to teach a class or homeschool co-op? Contact us to discuss pricing options.
◾️Designed for 4th-8th grade students. (*Some students may need more help from their parent/teacher than others).


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