Notebooking Companion to Walking With Jesus (Download)






Walking With Jesus notebook pages are beneficial for those who:

  • Want to save time by not having to create notebook pages themselves,
  • Want to save time by not having their students attempt to create notebook pages by hand,
  • Want a cohesive look throughout the notebook,
  • Have an easy way to help students keep track of the days which they do their Bible verse memory work.

The Walking With Jesus notebook pages help your students to become more Biblically literate by learning:

  • The name of the One True God of Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham in Hebrew. His name is Yahweh (Isaiah 42:8 HCSB),
  • The name of Jesus in Hebrew. His name is Yeshua (which means salvation),
  • The word “church” is G1577 and more correctly rendered as “assembly” or “congregation”.
  • The Apostle Paul’s name is Shaul in Hebrew.

These words/names are used interchangeably in the notebook pages to help your students build their Scriptural vocabulary. 

A big shout out to my family as they helped with scheduling so that I could accomplish this goal!

May you be richly blessed in your homeschool by using this product!


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