Lewis and Clark Unit Study: a Providential View






Our Biblical Classical Approach history study of Lewis and Clark: A Providential View takes Biblical Classical Homeschoolers on an engaging journey like no other! Students begin by learning a Providential View about the subject of Geography which segues into an impactful Providential study of Lewis and Clark, the Nez Percé, and the Gospel.
This is the third in a series. We recommend this order:  American Federalism and Noah Webster; Frontier Life; Lewis and Clark: A Providential View; Jedidiah Morse: Father of American Geography and the California Gold Rush; Lewis and Clark Field Study pack. You may, of course, choose any order you wish.
Our open n’ go style allows for teaching and learning about this topic in a creative way—by grounding the subject of Geology with Biblical spiritual Truths, and the concrete example from History about the impact of the Gospel. Students learn about the impact of Holy God using imperfect individuals—as He has done in His Story—to advance the Gospel westward.

You may like to have a copy of  the book: How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by Rosalyn Schanzer.

Save time by not having to research and figure out what to teach. This study of 89 notebook pages includes:
◾️Lesson Plan for your records
◾️Answer keys for parents/teachers
◾️Five days of lessons broken down by day for you!
◾️Primary source
◾️Word studies
◾️Notebook pages
◾️Graphic organizers to help with comprehension
◾️Reason and relate questions
◾️Key Individual Study on William Clark
◾️Key Individual Study on Meriwether Lewis
◾️Key Event Chart
◾️Sequence Chain
◾️Story Map (to help students see the cause-to-effect)
◾️Creative writing assignment notebook page
◾️Research project
◾️FYI: One of the paintings by a historian-artist depicts a tribe as they lived (seen in the graphic for this product). Therefore, the mother depicted is without a top and one of her breasts is bare. If you are not comfortable with this, consider using watercolors to paint over that part of her anatomy or a sticker before showing the painting to your child. It is entirely up to you as to how you present this painting to your 4th-8th grader.
◾️Your purchase is for your immediate family only.
◾️You are not free to give copies away, capture the lessons with any device, nor to sell them (thank you for honoring Ex. 20:15).
◾️Want to use it to teach a class or homeschool co-op? Contact us to discuss pricing options.
◾️Designed for 4th-8th grade students. (*Some students may need more help from their parent/teacher than others).