Bible Principles of Art: The Awe Struck Wonder Series (Digital Product)






Imagine being handed a gift box. And once you open it, you’re touched by the thoughtful gesture. Now imagine how you feel once you learn that the gift was handmade by the giver. What changes for you? In contrast, you likely have a deeper sense of gratitude. As you slow down and take time to observe its intricacies, the details, the intentionality, the creativity… you become in awe of this loving gesture. And it’s like this when we slow down and take time to discover this and more about our Creator God when we hold up the subject of art in light of the Bible.

But here’s the thing. There’s a plethora of art curricula on the market. And all of them teach all or most of the following:

  • The Elements of Art
  • Different Techniques of Art
  • Varying styles of Art
  • Artist studies,
  • Art history.

The Problem: But, what about the parents and teachers who desire to teach Bible Principles to their students in art?

Biblical Classical Homeschoolers and educators recognize the importance of pointing their students to our Creator God even in the subject of Art.

The Question:

Does there need to be another curriculum on the market along those same lines? Or would a companion be a help?

The Solution:

Bible Principles of Art: The Awe Struck Wonder Series compliments many art curricula. While you’re using your favorite art curricula, Bible Principles of Art: The Awe Struck Wonder Series allows you to easily teach Bible Principles. It’s an excellent K-12 companion to just about any art curriculum you want to use!


“It it is an awesome tool for beginners and even advance art lovers. It is very easy to follow and UNLOCKS the creativity inside of you; even when you think it’s not there. The way it is taught through biblical principle is even more amazing. You will see art from a whole new perspective. Also, one of the things I love about it, is that it can be taught to different ages easily, and you can see the individuality of the students blossom. Thank you Heather for your commitment with Art, Education, Families, but especially with the kingdom of God.” -Yaritza Cotto

“I had already read through StoneBridge Art Curriculum Guide but was still somewhat doubting myself — Heather’s step by step is much like accompanying lesson plans and made the doubting of myself disappear. I am not an artistic person nor am I creative in that aspect, but this curriculum offers project ideas and does unlock the creative and artistic juices that do flow in me (the ones that I didn’t think existed). It is a wonderful compliment to the StoneBridge Art Guide and I feel the two, together, make a wonderful addition to any home education program intending to open doors to and shed light on the glory of God and His majesty.” –Jacquelyn Makinen

StoneBridge Art Guide is a printable download which may be purchased via The Foundation for American Christian Education.


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