Advanced Reading and Reasoning Skills: Walking with Jesus Student Handbook






A reading guide for the middle grades that uses the Bible as the reader. In fourth, fifth and sixth grade the focus of reading becomes reading to learn. As the student moves beyond the basics of reading and into deeper study you want to make sure your student is enriching his life with a love for biblical study. Combining both Reading and Bible together the student begins to see his Bible as a resource to study from; the language and writing style become accessible to the student as well as form his worldview. This student handbook has daily lessons plans for students and teachers to follow for Reading and Bible lessons including self-directed notebook work, study skills and enhanced vocabulary.

Walking With Jesus teaches cause-to-effect reasoning, individual character and self-government, leadership and God’s providence in the individual life, God’s plan and purpose for each person. (recommended for one year in either, fourth, fifth or sixth grade)

To be used along with Walking With Jesus Teacher Planner CD (not included)




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