A Principle Approach Literature® Study of Robert Frost






Our Principle Approach® Robert Frost Literature study is perfect for Biblical Classical Homeschoolers!
Our open n’ go style allows for teaching and learning about Robert Frost a breeze!
Save time by not having to research and figure out what to teach. This study of 32 notebook pages includes:
◾️Answer keys for parents/teachers
◾️Five days of lessons broken down by day for you!
◾️Key Individual study on Robert Frost
◾️Important things about poetry
◾️What to expect as you study poetry
◾️Prose vs poetry
◾️Graphic organizers
◾️Word bank chart
◾️Reason and relate questions
◾️Introduction to three of his poems
◾️Memory work
◾️Short essay project
◾️Map work
◾️Your purchase is for your immediate family only.
◾️Want to use it to teach a class or homeschool co-op? Contact us to discuss pricing options.
◾️Designed for 4th-8th grade students. (*Some students may need more help from their parent/teacher than others).


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