Principles in Practice Podcast: Principle Approach®

Welcome to one of my favorite locations at Principled Academy. This is where we share some things about one of my passions, The Principle Approach®. In particular, you’ll find our Teaching Ten series here because my cohorts and I were commissioned to teach ten after going through the Foundation for American Christian Education’s summer training.

EP 1: Why The Principle Approach®
EP 6: The Power of the Chain of Christianity®
EP 7: Learning Geography on the Chain of Christianity®
EP 9: Adventures in Virginia—FACE Summer Training Courses 2020
EP 11: First Things First—Thinking and Reasoning Biblically (Teaching Ten Series) .
EP 12: God’s Principle of Individuality—Where It’s Seen and Its Importance (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 13: The Christian Principle of Self-Government—The Individual (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 15: Christian Self-Government in the Home (Teaching Ten Series) **********************************************
EP 16: America’s Heritage of Christian Character (Teaching Ten Series) **********************************************
EP 17: America’s Heritage of Christian Character—Parental Responsibility (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 19: Conscience is the Most Sacred of All Property (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 24: God’s Sovereignty in Human History (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 26: Presuppositions That Frame Teaching and Learning (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 27: The Christian Form of Our Government (Teaching Ten Series) ***********************************************
EP 28: How the Seed of Local Self-Government is Planted .
EP 29: Principles and Leading Ideas (Teaching Ten Series) .
EP 30: Essential Practices: The Notebook and Word Study (Teaching Ten Series)
EP 31: The Tutorial Spirit (Teaching Ten Series) ***********************************************

Footnote: (1) The Principle Approach® and the Chain of Christianity® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.