Principled Academy FAQs

What is Principled Academy?

Principled Academy is the name for our homeschool (not that we’re required to have a name for it). Originally, this website was started so that I felt like I had some accountability, to help others learn about teaching with Bible principles and a Providential view of life and history, and help promote a variety of Biblical Classical resources that use a principle approach. It has grown into a teaching platform.

What is a Biblical Classical Education?

A Biblical Classical education is a form of education. Historically, it’s the Christian philosophy and method of Biblical thinking, reasoning, living, and learning–most fully expressed in America. It’s referred to by a few different names.

Rosalie Slater, one of the founders of The Foundation for American Christian Education, coined the name The Principle Approach®.

Other ministries with the same heart, mind, and mission term it otherwise. These ministries have either learned from Verna M. Hall and Rosalie Slater or from those who have learned from them. Sometimes you will see them term a Biblical Classical education as:

  • Providential Education
  • Biblical Principle Approach
  • American Christian Education
  • Founding Father’s Education
  • Principle Approach
  • Principled Education (Brazil)
  • Principled Education Approach (Brazil)
  • Biblical Reasoning Education
  • Biblical Reasoning Approach
  • Self-Government Education and Biblical Education

The Principle Approach® and Chain of Christianity® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

Are You on Staff with The Foundation for American Christian Education?

This is a question that surfaces because I’ve written a lot about The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) and many of their materials since my blog’s inception, have promoted them voluntarily on social media, and have most often referred to this historic form of education by the term FACE has given it.

That being said, no I’m not on staff with FACE nor am I contracted out by FACE. I am a friend to them, I support what they do and offer (I recommend their Summer Training Series). While not all of my education is from them, I have learned from and used some of the materials in our homeschool produced by FACE.

Additionally, Principled Academy, Biblical Classical Homeschoolers, and Biblical Classical Community are not owned by FACE.

I am, however, recognized as a Master Teacher in The Principle Approach® by them, as a School House Tutor, and as a like-minded ministry.

The Principle Approach® and Chain of Christianity® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

Is The Principle Approach® Your Invention?

No, it is not my invention. This question is often asked because this term is not well-known among the Christian homeschool community at large and they’ve first learned of it via my website or my social media.

As already explained, The Principle Approach® is the term that Rosalie Slater gave for America’s historic Christian philosophy and method to life and learning.

This way of life and learning is the way things were historically done and it’s referred to by different ministries under different names to try and describe it.

The Principle Approach® and Chain of Christianity® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

Why Isn’t Biblical Classical Commonly Known Among Homeschoolers?

I’ve wondered this for years myself! For whatever reasons that it’s not commonly known among homeschoolers, I believe it’s one of my roles on the Christian History Timeline to help reach Christian homeschool families with this historical way of life and learning.

Are The Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ Course and Membership the Same Training That FACE Gives?

No, this is different. The course and membership are designed by me specifically for busy Christian homeschooling parents. I focus on Scripture, Word Studies, my own reasoning questions for my students, and my life experiences. I explain about Biblical principles, how to reason from them, how to think and live differently, how to utilize the Chain of Christianity® or other Providential History Timelines, how I go about creating lesson plans, and how it looks in a homeschool lifestyle. I point them to Biblical resources by various Master Teachers and solid Biblical principle resources. My course and membership are another way to be a bridge to this historical form of education.

This is what I know would have been extremely helpful to me as I learned how to layer upon the firm foundation that my parents and other ministries gave me in reasoning from Biblical principles before having learned of FACE or their lesson plans.

That being said, I do recommend FACE’s Summer Training Program. I think those who love to learn will see its value and be blessed by each of the Master Teachers. And, I think what we both have to offer complements each other and both help Christian homeschooling parents grow.

The Principle Approach® and Chain of Christianity® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

How Can I Learn?

I think it’s beneficial to learn from various Master Teachers because there are things to learn from each one that are a blessing. God uses their individuality and each one has something unique to offer.

Biblical Classical Community

Biblical Classical Community is primarily designed to help Christian homeschooling families incorporate a Biblical Classical education into their homeschool.

Currently, courses are offered through Biblical Classical Community by the following Master Teachers:

  • Bill Burtness
  • JanetSue Whetzel
  • Elizabeth Youmans
  • Ron Kirk
  • Raquel Werk
  • Heather Hall

We anticipate more Master Teachers joining the BCC platform.

Please see the article on Biblical Classical Resources as well.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!”
Psalm 133:1 (NKJV)