Principled Academy Courses and Memberships

A Biblical Classical education means learning, thinking, and reasoning from Biblical principles and their application to all spheres of life.

We offer courses for busy Christian homeschool parents to help you learn how to disciple your children through the homeschool lifestyle.

The Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ 8-week course gives a Biblical foundation of the historic way that Christians think, reason, learn, and live by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). After completion of this 8-week course, individuals may join the year-long Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ membership that deepens the course modules. Finally, membership graduates have the ability to join the BPA+ Homeschool Mastermind membership–where we support each other with continual learning, resources that teach with Bible principles, and strategy.

Principle Approach Homeschool Course
Step 1
8-Week Course

Principle Approach Homeschool Membership
Step 2
1-Year Membership

Principle Approach Plus Homeschool Masterminds Membership
Step 3
Annual Membership

Practical Application
of Biblical principles