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A Biblical Classical education means learning, thinking, and reasoning from Biblical principles and their application to all spheres of life.

We offer courses for busy Christian homeschool parents to help you learn how to disciple your children through the homeschool lifestyle.

The Biblical Classical Homeschool Experience™ gives a Biblical foundation of the historic way that Christians think, reason, learn, and live by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). The first 8 weeks consist of course modules. Then, each module is deepened within the membership—all with the homeschool experience in mind. Finally, membership graduates have the ability to join the BCC+ Homeschool Mastermind membership—where we support each other with continual learning, resources that teach with Bible principles, and strategy.

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1-Year Membership
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1-Year Membership
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In “The Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way” Franics Schaeffer gives the reminder that Jesus taught his discipels they weren’t to be called “Rabbi” or “Master” (Matthew 23:8, 10).

Francis’ gentle and loving reminder is that we aren’t greater than others. And to take on the title of “Master” is the “world’s mentality of wanting the foremost place. . .” He continues to say that if we take take on the mentality of being greater than others, we aren’t qualified for Christian leadership.

While the above statement is not the heart of all who get a “Master Teacher Certification,” it may be for some. Maybe some are even looking for the “foremost place” in the Kingdom. But, I think that is up to God. However that idea plays out, we are simply to follow the two greatest commandments: Love God and love our neighbor and with the proper heart motive and posture.

As a Biblical Classical Teacher, the Lord has brought several individuals into my life to help me grow in the mastery of authentic Christian living and learning. I don’t want to be viewed as a “Master.” There is no “arrival” at learning and growing. When I work with Christian homeschool parents, I make it clear that “I haven’t arrived.” Gaining mastery is so much more different than “being a Master.” Jesus is the Mater Teacher of it all and that is His rightful title and position as Lord.

Aside from that, God is the Master Artist. He’s the Master Mathematician. He’s the Master Scientist. The Master Creator. He’s the Master of it all; again, Jesus is the Master Teacher.

Our place is to glorify and magnify His name. The mission is about Him. Let’s continue to do that, shall we? Amen?

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