Twenty-One Reasons to Sign Up for the Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ Today

The Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ has been a dream in my heart for oh so many years. And it turns out that it has been a dream in the hearts of others as well. Isn’t that how our Heavenly Father works?

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Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™

  1. It’s the second annual Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™—specifically focused on the historic Christian philosophy and methodology to life and learning.
  2. Speakers are either certified in the Foundation for American Christian Education’s Master Teacher Certification Program, trained in authentic and historic Christian education, or they are like-minded individuals.
  3. You’ll see how life and learning through America’s historic form of education (her philosophy and methodology) is Biblical.
  4. If you’re a seasoned The Principle Approach® homeschooling parent, you’ll be inspired.
  5. Become equipped with Biblical wisdom, intelligent and practical ways to train up your child.
  6. Learn the history of Christian education.

7. Consider how the church and parents are/aren’t preparing the next generation.

8. Find out what’s missing in education today and needs to be restored to a child’s education.

9. Learn why the sacred/secular (Plutonic Dualism) is a lie.

10. Find out what is meant by family government and how that looks.

11. Learn the kind of family government that it takes to produce quality character in your children.

12. Consider who character begins with and why that matters.

13. Learn how training character in children through art looks in the homeschool lifestyle.

14. Get practical tips of training character in children through art.

15. Learn how to identify distinctly Christian principles in literature.

16. Find out why identifying distinctly Christian principles in literature matters in regards to training up your children.

17. Learn from where the idea of subjects originate.

18. Learn why it matters for your children to learn about the origin of subjects.

19. Consider what learning about the origin of subjects has do with training up our children.

20. Consider the educational philosophy and method that is used to help train character in a child.

21. Find out why primary sources matter in the training character in your child.

Learn More and Sign Up for the Biblical Principle Approach Summit™

The Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit™ is brought to you by the Biblical Classical Community. You can learn more about this conference and register for it there.

Footnote 1: The Noah Plan® [and/or] The Principle Approach® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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