Precinct Committees

The Importance of Precinct Committee Officers

I don’t remember much about the day when my friend Susan told me about being a Precinct Committee Officer. As she started telling me about it, I was intrigued. In fact, I remember sitting there in complete wonder that I didn’t know about this hugely important position. How is it that I have grown up in America as an American citizen and I was never taught about it? Calling up my mother, I asked her if she or my father ever knew about it. She said that they had no clue of it. My father did do some lobbying when I was a young child. But, even then he hadn’t heard of a Precinct Committee Officer. And, the more individuals whom I speak with about it, the more I learn that they never knew of it either.

It’s time to have a discussion about precinct committees. In fact, it’s long over due. I’m doing everything I can to reach out to people to help them learn of this role. And, I’m encouraging them to tell ten other people about it.

Is This Off Topic for Your Blog?

Now, you may be wondering what it has to do with a principled approach to life and learning. It has everything to do with it. And here is how:

  • It’s for your local civics which affect you, your family living with you or in the same area, and your neighbors.
  • This role helps to control the morals of the party you are affiliated with. To be clear, a recognized political party has Precinct Committee People.
  • It allows for the application of what you learn from the Principles of American Government study by Ben Gilmore.
  • If you’re an American citizen—or will become one—it takes more than voting to maintain a self-governing nation.
  • And there are lots of other reasons why this is pertinent.

Moving along now . . .

Different States, Different Title

We definitely see God’s Principles of Individuality and Unity with Diversity here. Your state may not call this position: Precinct Committee Officer. So here is a list of titles for it which I have learned thus far:

  • Idaho: Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman
  • Kentucky: Precinct Committee Member
  • Oregon: Precinct Committee Persons
  • Virginia: Precinct Captains
  • Washington: Precinct Committee Officers

What Does a Precinct Committee Officer Do?

This is where it gets rather exciting to learn how much you can do! Ben Gilmore teaches about how there is a lot of power at the local level. And, he is right! They:

  • represent their precincts in votes of their local county parties. Specifically, they represent the registered voters in their precincts.
  • help to set priorities for their county and their state’s caucus for the party they are affiliated with.
  • exercise their voice and help to fill empty legislative seats by voting for candidates (in which afterwards the commissioners vote from among the candidates).
  • may run for and be chosen as Bonus Delegates or as Alternate Delegates. This helps with the morals of the party because they discuss and vote on what changes to make to the party’s planks.
  • often times end up forming committees for areas they want to improve. An example might be something like the integrity of elections at your county’s level. You may be surprised what you learn about when it comes to loopholes for your state’s elections. I know I was for mine.
  • help make people in their precinct aware of issues and notify them of initiatives the Precinct Committee Officers have initiated.
  • also do some other things as well but, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Contact the party which you are affiliated with and learn more!

Precinct Committees are a powerful way for principled approach minded individuals to help restore our nation at the local level!


How Does One Become a Precinct Committee Officer?

There may be some nuances among the states for becoming one. But, from what I know it begins with a conversation like this and then a decision.

Firstly, you need to be registered with your party for a minimum of so many days. So be certain that you are registered with your party and not as a Non-Affiliated Voter (NAV) nor as an Independent.

Next, begin attending the party’s precinct committee meetings—it’s a great way to connect, learn, ask questions, and build relationships. Then, you contact your county party’s office and ask them for the paperwork to fill out. Be sure to submit your paperwork.

As far as I know, these meetings are once monthly in every county across the states. If not, they should be!

At some point, you (and hopefully others) will stand up at a meeting and declare why you want to be a Precinct Committee Officer. The current ones will take a vote as to whether or not to appoint you.

If it’s any consolation, so far we have never witnessed any objections to anyone wanting an appointment.

Lastly, you end up running for an elected Precinct Committee Officer position. Of note, this is yet another reason why those primary elections are important!

That’s Great, But I’m Too Busy . . .

We’re all busy. But, are we busy with what matters most? As many of my readers are aware, we have ten children (three are now homeschool high school graduates). Needless to say, we’re continuing to homeschool our others, by the grace of God. In addition, to being a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur, teacher and mentor, I’m involved in our precinct as Precinct Committee Officer.

I‘m learning and doing as I go. Why? Because it is a duty as an American Citizen. And, now that I know about it I have the responsibility to see it through.

The stakes are high and I have our future generations to consider. They’re counting on each of us to help restore and keep liberty in our nation—to maintain a self-governing nation. Plus, we need to be modeling what our children need to do to help restore and maintain liberty. What good is it if it’s just in their hearts and heads but we and our children don’t do the work? If we carry on in this way, America will just be a faded idea and a faded way of life . . .

As a Precinct Committee Officer, you do what you can when you can. There is liberty to start small. Of course, one can continue to work in that small space, which is fine. However, the more familiar you become with that small space the more confident you become and may be willing and able to take on more. There’s lots to be done!

Your Offspring Can Be a Precinct Committee Officer, Too

Your high school graduates who are registered voters can be one, too. Thus far, we have one grad whom is appointed, one grad who is elected, and one who is newly registered and waiting for enough days to pass in order to be appointed. No doubt, they could argue that they are “too busy.” After all, first two are full-time college students and they both work. Plus, they’re involved with church and family and friends. But, they understand what’s at stake and their duties as citizens.

Freedom is Never Free

The adage that “freedom is never free” doesn’t just pertain to our military, people. It pertains to each of us rolling up our sleeves and living out the American way. Part of that American way is Christian self-government and governing our local areas.

This is what those who are opposed to our form of gov’t do. They tackle one small location at a time and then start to go for more.

  • precinct committee meetings (yes, there are some who sneak in hoping to become Bonus Delegates or Alternate Delegates to change the platform/morals of the party for the worse)
  • city counsel meetings (those against our freedoms are counting on us to not show up and engage)
  • school board meetings, school boards, some teachers (as we are witnessing across the nation)
  • the three branches of gov’t (legislative, judicial, and executive)
  • churches and church boards (yep, more thank likely you have some globalists/communists in them)
  • the list goes on . . .

We cannot afford to sit aside and count on someone else to step up and do the work. Remember, our form of government is By the People, For the People. It’s a grave mistake for us to believe that it all hinges on legislators and by simply voting.

Become Better Equipped

Someone who has helped me to be greatly armed with knowledge is Ben Gilmore. If you haven’t done his Principles of American Government study, you’re missing out. It truly helps us learn how to rightly govern according to our principles as a free nation.

With that said, I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” -James Madison

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