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 Principles in Practice Podcast


Welcome to the Principles in Practice podcast! This husband and wife team consists of Brian and Heather Hall.

Heather has been teaching with the Principle Approach® for life and learning for over a decade. She is recognized as a Schoolhouse Tutor by the Foundation for American Christian Education, is on her way to being a certified as a Master Teacher via The Foundation for American Christian Education, and she is certified in the Principles of American Government via Ben Gilmore’s course.

Brian is continuing his self-studies with the Principle Approach. Together, they homeschool their family with Biblical principles. They invite you to listen in and learn along with them!


Episode 1: Why the Principle Approach®*

Episode 2: How a Biblical Worldview and Bible Principles are Related

Episode 3: On Raising Epic Bible Scholars*

Episode 4: The Epic Formula to Raising Bible Scholars – Unpacked

Episode 5: How to Cast Your Vote Principally

Episode 6: The Power of the Chain of Christianity® Timeline


Episode 7: Learning Geography on the Chain of Christianity® Timeline (Providential)

Episode 8: Liberty Grows with Gina Harden

Episode 9: Adventures in Virginia—FACE Summer Training Courses


Episode 10: The Reformation and the Bible in English


Episode 11: First Things First—Thinking and Reasoning Biblically (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 12: God’s Principle of Individuality—Where It’s Seen and Its Importance (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 13: The Christian Principle of Self-Government—The Individual (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 14: Reviving the Foundations with Arline Helms

Episode 15: The Christian Principle of Self-Government in the Home (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 16: America’s Heritage of Christian Character (Teaching 10 Series).

Episode 17: America’s Heritage of Christian Characters —Parental Responsibility (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 18: Meetinghouse Mentorials with Lori Heffernan

Episode 19: Conscience is the Most Sacred of All Property (Teaching 10 Series)

Episode 20: Teaching His Story with Dr. Brenda MacMenamin

Episode 21: ACH Study Groups with Ben and Fran Gilmore
(PART 1)

Episode 22: Ben Gilmore and the Principles of American Government Course (PART 2)

Episode 23: Ben and Fran Gilmore: Pioneering Homeschoolers (Part 3)

Episode 24: God’s Sovereignty in Human History (Teaching 10 Series)

EP 25: The Challenges of our Nation’s Character with Dr. Brenda MacMenamin

EP 26: Presuppositions That Frame Teaching (Teaching 10 Series)

EP 27: The Christian Form of our  Government (Teaching 10 Series)

EP 28: How the Seed of Local Self-Government is Planted (Teaching Ten Series)

EP 29: Principles and Leading Ideas (Teaching Ten Series)


EP 30: Essential Practices: The Notebook and Word Study (Teaching Ten Series)

EP 31: The Tutorial Spirit (Teaching Ten Series)

EP 32: An American Christian Education

EP 33: The First Ministry of Education


Episode 34: In Commemoration of American Independence

EP 35: Neutrality in Education

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