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  • During our homeschool co-op Thanksgiving Day parties, I recapped about the Protestant Reformation we covered in October and how the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) were alive around that time. I went over the “chain of Christianity” from the Plymoth Plantation Day Packet (you can find it at my store for purchase) and made a copy of page 27 for each family to help them see God’s Providential Hand in the flow of these events. I
  • It wasn’t until this year in my studies of the Protestant Reformation that I made the connection of the Reformation and the Separatists (later called Pilgrims). How interesting that Reformation Day took place prior to Thanksgiving Day… the order these events took place allows one day to lead into the next according to the history timeline. There is just so much to learn from the Separatists/Pilgrims, and the Native Americans and God’s Providential Hand. This
  • I’ve been asked about sharing how I organize our personal library. So, here’s my little post on how I do this. I hope it encourages you and that you can tweak it as you see fit for your family.  As you know, we homeschool and that means that through the years we have accumulated several books. I found it necessary to have our books organized in some visual way to help keep things simple. I
  • Since we are leading up to Reformation Day, I thought I’d do a word study on the word reform. What does it mean to reform? Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: REFORM’, v.t. [L. reformo; re and formo, to form.] 1. To change from worse to better; to amend; to correct; to restore to a former good state, or to bring from a bad to a good state; as, to reform a profligate man; to reform corrupt manners
  • Last year, I read The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day by Scott O’Dell for our family read aloud. Oh Mr. Tyndale… he sacrificed so much of his life to translate the Bible and print it in English so people could have their own  Bibles to read. His health was so meager toward the end of his life. His life… did he think much of it when fulfilling such a purpose for others? To
  • When I learned about Reformation Day, I didn’t understand why I had never heard of it while growing up! And I wonder why more churches don’t highlight it? It was an important time in history! This year, our family is learning about Lady Jane Grey. Have you ever heard of her? I just learned about her when researching. She was a queen for only 9 days! I am very excited to learn about this book
  • Are we off our rocker for getting ready for Thanksgiving Day? We don’t think so! I know… I know… everyone is getting ready for Halloween. We skip over Halloween because we had these questions: What’s the purpose of Halloween? What are the principles (origins) of it? How does this holiday have anything to do with God? How does it draw us closer to Him or honor Him? And the answers we came across in our
  • I am behind of some posts because we’ve had a cold going around… again! So… without further ado I am trying to get caught up with my posts. We had our boys and girls club days last week. For the girls club meeting, I pulled from The Noah Plan History lesson on the Individuality of Leaves and also from the Starting With Me lesson. We started out with a discussion on Individuality and what makes
  • Legacy… What are you passing down to your children? What’s important to pass down to them? What type of inheritance do you want to leave? © Principled Academy    Websters 1828 Dictionary: LEG’ACY, [L. legatum, from lego, to send, to bequeath.]A bequest; a particular thing, or certain sum of money given by last will or testament.Good counsel is the best legacy a father can leave to his child. BEQUE’ATH, v.t. [Eng.quoth.] To give or leave
  • An exciting year awaits! We are serving two groups of families this year! We feel so blessed to be spending the school year with each one. I am scheduling about an hour a day to get things ready (of course I have some little helpers). If you missed my post on running a Bible Principle Approach® co-op with a simple format, you can read it here. My hope is to encourage and bless you by
  • Below is my tutorial on how to apply the Principle Approach®. Doing this helps us with the good and right habit of thinking Biblically in all spheres/subjects of life. © Principled Academy Free Tutorial for Assembling a Bible Principle Study You can visit my Art posts to get a feel for how to apply Bible Principles to Art. You can visit my Geography posts to get a feel for how to apply Bible Principles to
  • Okay, for those on the Principled Academy facebook page who wanted a post about forming a Bible Principles (aka Principle Approach®) based homeschool co-op with a simple format, here it is! © Principled AcademyWe attempted two U-Shaped table sections but it works best in our group to do one large U-Shape section. In your Bible Principles based co-op, you can choose a subject you love teaching the most and have that be the core individual
  • ***Welcome! Please visit the Welcome Tab to learn more!*** God’s perfect timing continues to amaze me! I had an unplanned Math lesson with my 7 year old daughter on Good Friday. The next lesson in our RightStart (TM) Mathematics curriculum was on fractions. So, I looked up the word “fraction” for her in the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary. This is where it all begins! FRAC’TION, n. [L. fractio, frango, fractus, to break. See Break.]           1. The act of breaking or
  • Teaching Impressionism with Bible Principles While art is a subject often dropped within the school system, this happens in many homeschools as well. And it’s quite a tragedy! But what’s even more tragic is when children aren’t taught Bible Principles in art. However, it doesn’t have to remain this way. For today’s article, our focus is teaching Impressionism with Bible Principles. And Master Artist Claude Monet is the highlighted artist for this lesson. Why? To
  • ***Welcome! Please visit the Welcome Tab to learn more!*** I’m learning so many amazing things! Did you know there is a Biblical Purpose for Mathematics??? Will you sit with me for a moment (even if you are number shy)? I’d like to invite you to get to know our Creator in this area. 🙂 Did you know that numbers reflect God  in that they are 1) infinite, He is infinite and 2) They are absolute,
  • We typically follow history in chronological order on the Christian Timeline. However, at the beginning of the school year, I felt led to cover the Great Depression with our children. But how does that tie into the Bible???  Well, I had to begin with research. Step 1. Research A. I researched for literature to read and I came across a book at the library titled: We Had Everything But Money. What a wonderful book! It’s
  • Geography Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Geography, n. [Geo Gr. the earth, and Graphy Gr. to write, to describe.] 1. Properly, a description of the earth or terrestrial globe, particularly of the divisions of its surface, natural and artificial, and of the position of the several countries, kingdoms, states, cities, etc. As a science, geography includes the doctrine or knowledge of the astronomical circles or divisions of the sphere, by which the relative position of places on

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