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    A Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Conference has been a dream in my heart for oh so many years. And it turns out that it has been a dream in the hearts of others as well. Isn’t that how our Heavenly Father works? Twelve Reasons to Sign Up for the Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Conference™ Today It’s the first ever Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Conference—specifically focused on the Biblical-Principle Approach philosophy and method. Each speaker is a Biblical-Principle Approach
  • Principle-Approach-Homeschool-Experience-Membership-Wait-List
    Introducing the Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ (Membership)! My History with the Biblical-Principle Approach In the early years of my Principle Approach® journey, I didn’t have a mentor and I didn’t have a local-to-me Principle Approach® community. .There were a couple of resources where I could email some questions . . . but it wasn’t quite like having a mentor (the internet wasn’t what it is today). .Slowly, over time, I pieced together how to apply
  • Restoring-America-When-Was-America-Ever-Great-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    When Was America Ever Great? “When was America ever great?” he asked me. The individual was sharing how he wrestles with this question in relation to the idea of restoring America. In fact, with slavery and Jim Crow laws in her past, he was sharing how the concept of “restoring America” is oftentimes misunderstood. For my readers, you’ll know that the idea of restoring America is an aim of a Principle Approach® to education. But,
  • Benefits-of-Homeschooling-Principle-Approach-Homeschooling-Biblical-Classical
    Our family is a second generation homeschool family. It’s quite interesting to see how homeschooling has grown and changed over the years. But, one common thread is found throughout the years—there are many benefits of homeschooling. . What Are the Benefits of Homeschooling? . Ask any individual about what he or she thinks the benefits of homeschooling are, and you’re likely to get a large variety of answers. From a second generation homeschool perspective, I
  • Improving-America-with-the-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Principle-Approach-Homeschool-Christian-Homeschooling
    Improving America with the Principle Approach® Sometimes, wording can be a tricky thing. Miscommunication can happen in a heartbeat. Or, sometimes there are fringe groups (isn’t there one for just about anything?) that latch onto wording and take it in a whole other direction. For this reason, defining vocabulary is hugely important. In a previous article, I wrote about how some individuals shy away from stating: “Saving America with the Principle Approach®” because they think
  • Biblical-Classical-Community-Principle-Approach-Bible-Principles-Christian-Homeschool-Courses
    Biblical Classical Community Have you heard of the Biblical Classical Community?  Finally, there is a community for Christian families who desire to incorporate the Principle Approach® in their homeschools. It has been a prayer of mine since my early homeschool years with our children. It turns out that it has been a prayer on the hearts of several others as well. Now, several Master Teachers are coming together to make online courses available. These are
  • The-Science-and-Art-of-Geology-Course-Bundle-1-Principled-Academy-Principle-Approach-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Christian-Homeschool-Families
    The Science and Art of Geology Hi friends! I’ve been quiet because I’ve been working on a behind the scenes collaborative project with another brand. And, I’m so thrilled to be able to share about who I’m collaborating with: Patrick and Vicki Nurre of Northwest Treasures. To be sure, it’s an exciting time to be revealing the Science and Art of Geology course! We’ve been working on this project for quite some time now.  
  • God-Creates-the-Seasons-Principled-Academy-Principle-Approach-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    God Creates the Seasons in Nature and in Life It’s a Friday morning as I write this and the smell of baked cinnamon apples wafts through the cool morning air as I roll out of bed. It’s our second oldest son’s breakfast morning and we enjoy different cobblers on Fridays. Having some change is good—a different cobbler each Friday morn keeps things interesting. Of course, we have our favorites during Autumn. Our cobbler tastes change
  • The-Principle-Approach-to-Art-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Christian-Homeschooling
    How Art is Taught with the Principle Approach® In many instances, art curriculum teaches the elements of art, techniques, and artist studies. Within the artist studies is some background information of the artist, common explanations and observations about the artist’s style, discussing an analysis of the art, and a project to copy a choice work of the artist. But, the Principle Approach® to art is so much richer and deeper than just that.    
  • Back to Homeschool the Principle Approach® Way At the start of each school year, we have some special things that we do to kick it off. Of course, homeschooling is a natural extension of parenting and life—so, learning is taking place all the time. But, a ‘new school year’ is when we will start with new studies, a fresh perspective, and new materials. However, there are a few things that do set a Principle Approach®
  • The-Principle-Approach-to-Writing-Principled-Academy-Christian-Homeschooling
    The Principle Approach® to Writing is Above Average As you may guess, I absolutely love writing. And, it may just be a fact that most of our children enjoy it at least as much as I do. So far, our two college students get A’s on their essays and compliments on their Biblical reasoning abilities. Plus, so far we have four children who are aspiring authors. Without a doubt, my husband and I attribute this
  • Remember-Your-State-it-has-a-Providential-History-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Christian-Homeschooling
    Remember Your State: It Has a Providential History One of the beautiful aspects of a Principle Approach® way of learning is that we learn to see God’s Sovereignty in all things. Without a doubt, Heavenly Father has been and still is involved in the lives of individuals and nations. In fact, as the parent-teacher researches and reads primary documents, he or she discovers God’s Providence in the Gospel spreading to his or her state. I
  • Neutrality-in-Education-Principles-in-Practice-Homeschool-Podcast-Christian-Homeschooling-Principled-Academy
    Neutrality in Education (with Keltis Hall) 🎙Principles in Practice Homeschool Podcast. Join us for Episode 35: Neutrality in Education. This takes about 15 minutes of your time. Join us as special guest Keltis Hall discusses the idea of neutrality in education. Keltis is a Principle Approach® homeschool graduate, a certified Principle Approach® Master Teacher and curriculum creator through the Foundation for American Christian Education, and she is entering her Junior year of college at Bradford
  • The-Principle-Approach-The-Importance-of-Learning-with-Arline-Helms-Reviving-the-Foundations-Principles-in-Practice-Homeschool-Podcast-Christian-Homeschooling-Principled-Academy
    The Importance of Reading (with Arline Helms) 🎙Principles in Practice Homeschool Podcast. Join us for Episode 36: The Importance of Reading. This takes about 17 minutes of your time. . Join us as special guest Arline Helms talks about the importance of reading, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, and Teaching Phonics. These all weave into one valuable topic for homeschooling parents to know. . Arline is a former Principle Approach® home educator. And she owns the Facebook
  • Socialism-Among-Homeschoolers-Biblical-Economics-The-Principle-Approach-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Principled-Academy-Christian-Homeschooling-Biblical-Education-Matters
    Frederic Bastiat But first, I’d like to preface this with a quote by Frederic Bastiat: “It is to be regretted that the word plunder is offensive. I have tried in vain to find an inoffensive word, for I would not at any time–especially now–wish to add an irritating word to our dissentions. Thus, whether I am believed or not, I declare that I do not mean to attack the intentions or the morality of anyone.
  • The-Noah-Plan-Support-Materials-Homeschool-Support-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Christian-Homeschooling
    The Noah Plan® Support Materials to Help You Succeed Homeschooling is a completely different way of teaching and learning. Just about any veteran homeschooling mother or father will confirm this. By veteran I mean those who have been in the thick of it for several years with independent homeschooling. As homeschoolers it’s important to keep in mind that The Noah Plan® lessons for K-3rd have been written for a traditional school.  Therefore, when I first
  • Homeschooling-Little-Ones-with-the-Noah-Plan-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Christian-Homeschooling
    Homeschooling Little Ones with the Noah Plan® It feels a bit surreal when I think about how it has been fourteen years since we began using the Noah Plan curriculum. But, here I am with three homeschool graduates. And we have used the Noah Plan® curriculum all the way through. That said, we homeschooling parents know that we start “home schooling” from our children’s infancy. By God’s design, children learn from their parents. The first
  • Precinct-Committees-and-Their-Officers-Persons-Americas-Form-of-Government-The-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    The Importance of Precinct Committee Officers I don’t remember much about the day when my friend Susan told me about being a Precinct Committee Officer. As she started telling me about it, I was intrigued. In fact, I remember sitting there in complete wonder that I didn’t know about this hugely important position. How is it that I have grown up in America as an American citizen and I was never taught about it? Calling
  • Plagiarism is an Important Topic for You to Teach About There is a lot of hubbub going on amongst the Southern Baptist Convention about plagiarism. It’s unfathomable to me how anyone who has been through higher education could possibly be ignorant of citing sources. From essays to dissertations, citing sources is a must. To be sure your students aren’t ignorant, you as a homeschooling parent need to teach your students about plagiarism.   Plagiarism is
  • Truth-Rises-to-the-Top-Principle-Approach-Education-Principled-Academy-Christian-Homeschooling-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    Truth Rises to the Top On Sunday, they meet and simply must believe what comes directly from the pulpit—whether from the priest himself or indirectly from the king. What if any of them have worries about loved ones who move on to a state of rest? They have a “chance at salvation” if you they pray for them and pay indulgences. But in the meantime, God has individuals working on translating the Bible into common
  • Attachment Details The-Elements-of-a-Principle-Approach-Way-of-Learning-Christian-Homeschooling-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Principled-Academy
    The Elements of a Principle Approach® Way of Learning One of the most important things to understand about the Principle Approach is that it is both a philosophy and a method. That said, they cannot be separated from each other. Unquestionably, application of all of the Principle Approach elements must take place. Since many parents look for what is easiest, they may fall into the temptation of wanting to use only a few of the
  • Notebooking-The-Notebooking-Method-Principle-Approach-Principled-Acadmey-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers.
    Principle Approach® Notebooking   Notebooking is pretty popular among several homeschooling circles. If one researches it, they’ll learn of all sorts of ways that notebooking is implemented. In general, notebooking is often used to file worksheets or decorated notebook pages for note-taking.  However, that’s not the case with this philosophy or method of education. Discover how Principle Approach® notebooking is different.   The Many Joys of Principle Approach® Notebooks In our family, these are collections
  • What-is-an-American-Christian-Education-the-Principle-Approach-Christian-Homeschooling-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    An American Christian Education Years ago, when I had heard the term “an American Christian Education” I didn’t quite comprehend what it meant. However, I understand it now. And, it’s not what it’s often mistaken for.   What an American Christian Education is Not To begin with, it is not an “elitist” mentality of “American Christians are better than other Christians.” Nor is it a mentality of “American Christians are better than other Americans.” To
  • Why-Map-Work-Is-Important-in-a-Principle-Approach-Education-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Bible-Principles-Christian-Homeschooling
    Why Map Work is Important Did you grow up doing map work in school or your homeschool? I don’t recall doing any of it. Certainly, we learned geography and had some memory work for that subject. But, I don’t think we ever did map work. The more I’ve been teaching with the Principle Approach®, the more I’ve come to appreciate map work. In fact, I can say that I love it and count it as
  • The-Principle-Approach-Podcast-The-Tutorial-Spirit-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers-Podcast-Christian-Homeschooling-Podcast
    The Tutorial Spirit 🎙Principles in Practice Homeschool Podcast * Episode 31: The Tutorial Spirit  * Takes just less than 25 minutes of your time. *   Join Heather as she wraps up our Teaching Ten Series. In this podcast, she shares about:  * ▪️The tutorial spirit of the Principle Approach® ▪️Leading every child into learning ▪️Why test, why assess? ▪️The Principle Approach® standard ▪️Teachers enter hearts by invitation only ▪️Purposeful assessment ▪️Focusing on the goal
  • how-to-teach-effectively
    How to Teach Effectively Recently, I was asked if studying history with the Principle Approach® is too dry for children. Since I teach with it, my opinion is a resounding no, not at all. And, I believe that’s true when it comes to teaching one-on-one as well as in a homeschool co-op. But, I do think that there are ways on how to teach effectively. This is something that I’ve been growing in throughout my
  • How-to-Study-History-Principle-Approach-Providential-History-Christian-Homeschooling-FB.png
    How to Study History All across America, students in all grades crack open their history books and sit down to read. Most of the time, textbooks are used for the learning of history. And, depending upon who writes the textbook it may or may not have a Biblical worldview. Even so, it may or may not have a Providential view. While it’s important to read history with a Biblical worldview, it’s even more so with
  • Fault Lines by Voddie Bauchum (A Review) To begin with, I did receive an advanced digital copy of Fault Lines in exchange for an honest review. That said, I’ve recently been reading Fault Lines by Pastor Voddie Bauchum as a part of his review team. Well, the Critical Social Justice (aka: CSJ) narrative isn’t going away any time soon. In case you aren’t aware, there are branches that grow on this CSJ tree. And Critical
  • God-the-Master-Artist-Principle-Approach-Bible-Principles-Biblical-Reasoning-Christian-Homeschooling
    God: The Master Artist When I first started learning and teaching with the Principle Approach®, the time eventually came when I needed to spread my wings and write my own lesson plans. It was actually quite nerve racking. As many do at this stage, I wrestled with whether or not to continue teaching my children with this philosophy and method. Why oh why couldn’t the Noah Plan® lessons continue onward through the rest of the
  • Why-Churches-Need-to-Partner-with-Principle-Approach-Homeschools-Christian-Homeschooling
    Why should churches partner with Principle Approach® homeschoolers? Are you a pastor who is considering hosting a homeschool group in your church (or maybe a Christian school)? Are you hoping to help meet the need for Christian children to receive a Christian education in this way? You’re in the right place to learn about why churches should partner with Principle Approach® homeschoolers. Many pastors are keenly aware, as are many Christian parents, that many youth
  • Christians-Turned-the-World-Upside-Down-Christian-Homeschooling-Bible-Principles-Principle-Approach
    Christians Turn the World Upside Down “And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;” Acts 17:6 (KJV) Who were these men? They were a group of Christians who spread the “good news” with Paul and Silas—a small group. In fact, it was a small enough group that the Jews went looking for
  • How-to-teach-christian-homeschooling-bible-principles-principle-approach-teaching-is-easy-how-to-teach-homeschool-FB
    How to Teach One would think that a parent wouldn’t have any apprehensions about his or her ability to teach his or her children. After all, most parents have a history of attending either a traditional school or a homeschool and graduating from one. But as with just about anything—for most individuals—something new can be intimidating. This can be especially the case when considering how the future of our nation rests heavily on the next
  • Principle-Approach-Words-Matter-Language-Blessing-Biblical-Principle-Approach-Christian-Homeschooling-Principled-Academy
    Words Matter Our oldest daughter is writing a novel. Since she wants the story to make sense and come to life for her readers, she’s taking great care with the use of words. Rough draft after rough draft, she alters wording until she gets descriptions to picture match what she wants to convey. In some cases, she needs to define words to be certain she’s using them properly. And before too long, she’ll be ready
  • The Principle Approach in Brazil Today, I have the blessed privilege of introducing my readers to Roberto Rinaldi. Of note, he’s President of the AECEP’s Administration Board in Brazil. It’s my hope that you will find encouragement! Seeing God’s Providential Hand actively involved in both America and other nations is refreshing! Praise Almighty God for what He is doing through individuals! Listen to the history of their form of government and the liberty that they
  • What-to-Know-About-Voting-for-the-President-American-Civics-Principle-Approach-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Classical-Homeschoolers
    What to Know About Voting for the President I’m pretty sure most of us have felt like we’re at a crossroads when it comes to voting for a President. We hear several different things such as: “Vote by party.” Or we’ll hear: “Vote principle over party” (while wondering what that may exactly mean). And then there’s the most famous one: “Vote for the lesser of two evils.” It’s enough to make a person throw their
  • Are-Christians-the-Losers-in-History-Christian-Homeschooling-Principled-Academy-Biblical-Worldview-American-History.png
    Are Christians the Losers in History? As I sit back and observe current events in America, I’m wrestling with some questions. Why are some Christians so hands-off with civics? How is it that Christians think voting is duty enough? Or that it’s nothing to bother with at all? Why is America in decline when God’s people are involved with outreach and community activities? Did Christians ever impact the culture? If so, what has derailed us
  • Looking into The Noah Plan® Second Grade curriculum for your homeschool? That’s great! To help you be ready for the school year, here’s the list of  The Noah Plan® Second Grade essentials that you need. The list is at the back of The Noah Plan® curriculum (pp. 383-382), a list of books and publishers is given. But, it’s super helpful to know while you’re already making your purchase. While everything is listed, I’m sharing the books
  • Turn Their Eyes Upon Jesus, Christian Homeschooling, Bible Principles, Principle Approach, Homeschooling, Biblical Principles, Family Bible Study
    With all that is going on around us, there are some unexpected times ahead. For now, there are a lot of families making some major adjustments to their schedules—spending more time together at home. While other families are accustomed to homeschooling, there’s still a lot of unexpected things to adjust to—no homeschool activities and groups to attend. And the reports flying around about worries and rumors of worries are unsettling. And as always, our numero
  • The Biblical Principle of Individuality: A College Paper As I’ve shared previously, our oldest daughter—a Principle Approach® homeschool graduate—is now attending Bradford Christian College (a Principle Approach® college). That said, she has graciously offered to share one of her papers from her Biblical Life Principles class. In this way, parents and high school students are able to get a glimpse of how these studies look through Bradford Christian College. Now, without further ado, her graded
  • Introducing Bradford Christian College Well, here we are! Two of our Principle Approach® homeschoolers are homeschool graduates. One is attending a brick and mortar Christian University while the other is attending an online college. And today I’m so thrilled to introduce to you the latter—Bradford Christian College. But we must start at the beginning, for all journey’s have a beginning. So, how did we even become a Principle Approach® family? Why does it matter if

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