Oregon’s Providential History

During a tumultuous time when there was a worldwide bug causing immense damage, God was at work in my heart—especially regarding Oregon. While I was creating the practicum for my certification in The Principle Approach®(1) through The Foundation for American Christian Education, I was learning more about Oregon’s Providential History from primary resources. But, it wasn’t until it was time to demonstrate the teaching of my lesson to my cohorts that I realized how much I love Oregon. Now, it’s time for me to share Oregon’s Providential history with everyone—in particular with my fellow Oregonians.

Pioneer Era on the Liberty History Timeline

America Expands | Some Principles of Liberty Erode | The Gospel Continues Westward

God’s goodness, loving-kindness, and handiwork are seen in Oregon’s history and today despite sinful man. Therefore, she is worth restoring. It’s my heart that she’ll be restored by educating Oregonians about her providential history. So, with much prayer undergirding the decision to podcast about Oregon’s providential history, I go forth by the grace of God.

In addition, to sharing about Oregon’s providential history I share thoughts to consider in each episode regarding providential history.

If you’ve heard negative things about providential history, I’d like to encourage you to read the article Understanding Providence as It Pertains to Subjects and Spheres of Life at Biblical Classical Community.

State Providential History (A Testimony)

To begin with, I’d like for you to learn about the impact studying Oregon’s providential history has on me.

In Episode 92 of the Principles in Practice: Biblical Classical Homeschooling podcast, I share about my testimony of God’s work in my heart about my state.

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Historian William Barrows on Oregon’s Providential History

Historian William Barrows is one individual who documented Oregon’s providential history. To be sure, he isn’t the only one to document it. But, I’m starting with his account.

For part of my contribution to help America remember her providential history, I’m recording William Barrows’ Oregon the Struggle for Possession. May you be blessed as you learn about God’s hand in Oregon’s history—bringing Liberty to the individual and the territory/state.

Chapter 1 | The European Powers in America

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Chapter 2 | Spain Enters the Struggle and Fails

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Chapter 3 | France Sells Her Claims

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Chapter 4 | Russia Declines the Struggle

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Stay Tuned

For more episodes, stay tuned because they’ll be added to this post until the end of the book.

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