Notebook Pages for The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Curriculum

Notebook Pages for The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Curriculum

I love that the Principle Approach® philosophy and method may be used with any Christian curriculum. Really, in order to apply it to other curricula one needs to use the 4R method. And to have the “big red books” that teach us our Christian Heritage and Constitution. However, thankfully there’s a curriculum which already utilizes it. Indeed there is one and it’s called the Noah Plan® Curriculum. Happily, there’s a kindergarten curriculum to immerse our children in a Biblical-Classical Education right from the start. And happily there are notebook pages for The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Curriculum to make it even easier.



Starting Out

Many children start out with practicing writing while they trace words. If you’re a parent who desires to have their child learn cursive from the onset, we have traceable notebook pages for them. But we also offer traceable notebook pages for children who are beginning with printing.

While most of the kindergarten lessons call for a prepared notebook page, some don’t. For instance, the Geography lessons sometimes make use of the Evan-Moore notebook pages. Therefore, there are notebook pages for all of the lessons requiring a prepared notebook page. Additionally, some Geography lessons don’t call for a notebook page. Because for those lessons, your students are busy gathering fascinating images for their notebook page day. Or they’re busy tasting yummy foods being made from each continent and different cultures.

For the most part, there’s mostly room on the notebook pages for young children to visually relate what they learn. Specifically, the Noah Plan® Kindergarten Curriculum calls for young students to mostly draw what they learn. With this in mind, drawing to relate information has these strong benefits:

  • Strengthens the imagination
  • Helps them to develop conceptual thoughts
  • Builds observation skills which helps students analyze
  • It helps them to see patterns or connections
  • Nurtures the ability to visualize, articulate, conceptualize for solving both complex and uncomplicated problems
  • Learn how to make sensible decisions based on given information

Why Notebooking

Notebooking is an excellent hands-on way of learning that expresses the individuality of each child. And it’s super flexible. For most of the Kindergarten lessons, children trace the title and illustrate from each lesson. In this way, they’re visually and creatively relating what they’re learning.

Plus, you have the liberty to allow your students flexibility with their notebooking. For example:

  • Draw and color
  • Cut and paste a picture to color
  • Use stickers
  • Cut and paste paintings
  • Combine stickers, drawing, and coloring in an illustration
  • Paper craft
  • Utilize lapbook features on a notebook page

Save Time

Needless to say, time is one of our most precious commodities. For certain, you can save time by using our prepared notebook pages for this curriculum. Not only is it convenient for you to simply print our notebook pages, it’ll be one less thing for you to have to manage preparing. And this gives you the ability to better manage your time with lessons, daily tasks, and time with your family.


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  1. Oh, how I should have saved all my “templates.” You do beautiful work, Heather, and what a time saving piece (and peace!) for the homeschooling mother.

    1. Thank you, Lori! I’m thankful they’ve been a help to you!