Is School Choice Right for America?

Many people can mean well by promoting tax-funded School Choice. I believe many people sincerely do. That said, I also believe many are unaware of who is ultimately behind tax-funded School Choice, for what reason(s), and how individuals are unjustly being emotionally manipulated and socially engineered to buy into it. People don’t know what they don’t know. This article addresses seeing through tax-funded School Choice for what it is, so individuals may think and reason Biblically and wisely about the issue. Because in the end, this is the question we all need to ask: Is tax-funded School Choice right for America? Below are some factors to consider.

Section 1- Intro
Short Chains of Reasoning Vs. Long Chains of Reasoning

In his book Christian Economics in One Lesson, Gary North explains how people are conditioned to think with short chains of reasoning. Clever slogans and catchy titles get them thinking one thing, while those who use it aren’t necessarily meaning the same thing, or don’t necessarily have the same end goal in mind. Therefore, I conclude that short chains of reasoning and catchy wording don’t build trust or cases based on absolute truth and Biblical reasoning. Instead, I think they tend manipulate individuals for the sake of social engineering.

The Dangers of Short Chains of Reasoning

What a danger to grab onto and stand firm on snippets. Can you imagine reading the Bible in that way? Studying and learning take a serious investment of time. That should be no different when it comes to life issues. We must diligently seek to understand things from several angles, understand history, the cause to effect of events, and the Biblical Principles of Liberty. Otherwise, we will fall prey to tyranny.

Many people on the Left, Right, in the middle, and non-affiliated voters are promoting the globalist worldview of education and civil government. However, if we want to keep a country of Liberty, we need to be aware of globalist-thinking and tactics, and stand firm on God’s Principles of Liberty. Globalists don’t love our nation and they don’t value the sovereignty and individuality of nations. Hence the term globalists. Therefore, no matter what party line you’re with, or even if you’re a non-affiliated voter, it’s important to remember that not everyone loves our nation or is looking out for your best. To be sure, globalist ideas damage Liberty.

Section 2- Overview

The Big Picture

This article is an attempt to help others think with long-chains of reasoning as one section segues into the next. It addresses the following matters:

  • Arguments
  • History
  • The Big Picture
  • Principles

The Particulars

Section 1 | Introduction
Section 2 | Overview
Section 3 | The Privatizing Tax-Funds with ESAs for School Choice Argument
Section 4 | An Immutable Law
Section 5 | Possible Scenarios
Section 6 | The “Private Schools and Homeschools Can Always Pull Out of Tax-Funded School Choice” Argument
Section 7 | What is Not Being Said
Section 8 | History: American Gov’t Attempts to Monopolize/Centralize Education
Section 9 | The “We As a Society” Argument
Section 10 | Socialism Leads to Tyranny
Section 11 | “Free Education” for All Levels of Education
Section 12 | The Big Picture of Who or What Supports Tax-Funded School Choice
Section 13 | The Context of the Times
Section 14 | Evoking Emotion-based Decisions
Section 15 | The Roots Behind Tax-Funded School Choice

Section 3

The Privatizing Tax-Funds with ESAs for

School Choice Argument

Education savings accounts are touted as a part of the solution to “save education.” However, if you’re a Liberty-minded individual, you may have a gut instinct that something is amiss with the idea of tax-funded School choice and ESAs. If that’s you, you’re right. So, let’s take a look at the idea of ESAs and the root principles and other things behind them, because ideas have consequences..

Redistributed Wealth vs. Personal Wealth

The narrative of tax-funded School Choice privatizing tax-funds as ESAs through non-profit organizations is false. Tax-funded School Choice is redistributing redistributed wealth. It’s not simply setting aside an individual’s private property (hard-earned income) into a savings account.

Individuals oftentimes associate Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) with Health Savings Accounts. However, they function differently.

Health Savings Accounts are when a determined portion of one’s income (personal wealth/private property) goes into an account that a private third party operates: a bank, credit union, or brokerage firm. That said, the government still has some control over how Health Savings Accounts work.

Education Savings Accounts, on the other hand, are collectively and forcefully taking from other people’s income (private property) that filters into a non-profit organization. The claim is that filtering tax-funds into a non-profit severs the ties with civil governments, so civil government cannot control the money. Even if that may be the case, civil government is still involved and can work through non-profits.

A Non-Profit for Tax-Funded School Choice Argument

One of the arguments in favor of using an Educational Savings Account for tax-funded School Choice is that the tax-funds will go into a non-profit. Supposedly, the non-profit cuts ties between the tax-funds and government control.

If it is true that the government no longer has ties to tax-funds due to the non-profit, there are still concerns about control. For example, government control isn’t necessarily about:

  • curriculum
  • creed
  • teacher qualifications
  • or education practices

History: Civil Gov’t Working Through Church Non-Profits

Understand, non-profit organizations are not sovereign. They are under the direction, regulation, and control of the government. Consider how churches who operate as non-profits are restricted by the government on certain matters:

No political campaigning or lobbying: Churches with 501c3 status cannot contribute to or get involved in political campaigns.”(1)

-Footnote 1: Matt, Church Engagement, Benefits and Disadvantages of 501c3 Status for Churches, 4-25-2024

Through these civil government restrictions imposed on churches, civil gov’t is making Christian churches less influential in civics. Understand the implications of that. Civil gov’t is dampening the influence of the Church in the culture.

Those restrictions are quite interesting considering America’s history of Patriot Pastors and the Black Robe Regiment.

Morals and Worldview are Always Legislated

Someone’s morals/worldview will be legislated—even if it’s the “morals” or worldview of secular-humanists. Do we want society to continue to degrade because of legislation imposed on society by degenerate individuals? Or, do we want society to thrive because of God’s life-giving laws and principles?

As seen above with the example of churches with non-profit status, the government can operate through non-profits.

Section 4

An Immutable Law

It’s an immutable law that government has control when tax-funds are involved.

That may look like dictating what the money does or doesn’t go to (like the list above). We see that exemplified with tax-funded charter schools or traditional gov’t schools.

Control Isn’t Necessarily About Money

Or else, it may look like controlling what other items are allowed in a location where “school” takes place—whether a private or a homeschool. Consider carefully what Missouri’s Legislature did with the language regarding the potential “fire stick” issue with MO SB 727 Government School Choice Ed Omnibus Bill.(2) (Read that as: “MO SB 727 Tax-Funded School Choice Ed Omnibus Bill.”)

Footnote 2: Missouri First, April 6, 2024, Image Source: Missouri First on Facebook

We can spot the Principle of Local Authority being violated under such a legislation.

A Caution to Oregonians

For Oregonians who are thrilled at the idea of tax-funded School Choice being enshrined in their state Constitution, be aware that control comes in many forms.

If you listen closely, the primary reason behind tax-funded School Choice is to “create competition” among government schools with hopes of reforming them. Are you homeschooling families and families who send their children to private schools pawns in a game to reform government education?

In her article, Still Trying To Reform the Government Schools?, Dr. Marelen McMillin addresses that there have been strong school reform efforts for over 50 years, and it has only gotten continually worse.

Tax-funded School Choice will not reform government schools like many are hoping it will. Education is about more than learning skill sets, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Education for our Constitutional Representative Republic needs to be an education for Liberty—teaching the Principles of Liberty and the counter principles with their cause-to-effect. Also needed for Liberty is education in morals and religion, per George Washington and John Adams (Tim Barton shares about the warning from George Washington and John Adams on WallBuilders Facebook).

That all being said, let’s consider some other possible scenarios of government control over education.

Section 5

Possible Scenario 1

Perhaps a private school’s or homeschool’s curriculum, creed, teacher qualifications, or educations practices are “safe” by bypassing the Legislature, but the Legislature may change definitions pertaining to “schools” that affect other areas. You’ll learn about loose definitions under the section below titled: What is Not Being Said.

Possible Scenario 2

Let’s say that all education options end up falling under the State: government schools (including charter schools); private schools; and homeschools.

We already know that tax-funded School Choice homeschools will have a special name to categorize it for legal purposes. That will separate if from independent homeschools.

Now, what if independent homeschools are erased from the picture of education options (whether through the Legislature or other means). What options are left? A family would be forced to consider going against their conscience to receive tax-funds for education for homeschooling or private education, or moving to another state. Consider what happened to independent homeschoolers after Sweden adopted tax-funded School Choice for their nation (spoiler alert: Sweden dumped private education and homeschooling because they both came under tax-funded education anyway).

OCEANetwork, Dr. Brian Ray of NHERI, and responsible independent homeschooling families have been doing an amazing job, by God’s grace, at protecting the Liberty independent homeschooling.

Ideas have consequences. Again, it’s an immutable law that the government has control (of some kind) when tax-funds are involved.

Section 6

The “Private Schools and Homeschools Can Always Pull Out

of Tax-Funded School Choice” Argument

What tends to happen when individuals go to the government for food, housing, or health needs? The individual becomes dependent upon the government. That is not Liberty. And, they become trapped in the system in a couple of ways:

  • If they bring in too much income, they lose government tax-funds. However, usually the “too much income” they bring in isn’t enough to be set free from dependency on the government.
  • They operate/live outside their means all the more because they become adjusted to the tax-funds. That means they become dependent upon in and can find themselves wrapped up in the same type of scenario as above. It won’t be financially easy for most private schools and family’s to back out of it.
  • Independent homeschooling and private education may die out (see the link for the article Leaving Home at the end of this article for Other Sources Cautioning Against Tax-Funded School Choice).

Section 7

What is Not Being Said

Perhaps there are measures in place so that individuals will not need to change their creed, curriculum, teaching qualifications, or teaching practices. However, what may be added to all that in the future? And, what may be added to that because of loose definitions or the re-working of definitions? Remember: In the Big Picture of things, we are talking about the WEF and UN having educational goals imposed on all nations, desiring a one-world gov’t.

History: Example of Loose Definitions and the Consequences

In Nazi Germany, the Nazi’s allowed the churches to operate within their theological creeds, continue teaching a watered-down Gospel (making the Church largely ineffective), pastors weren’t required to change their qualifications for teaching or practices. But, at a later time, added to all that the churches were required to give allegiance to Hitler by saying a pledge. It was indeed a carefully played political game.

As noted above with a Legislature redefining terms regarding “home school” and “school”, the Nazis took advantage of loose definitions regarding the term “purely religious” teachings and practices in the churches.(3) (The parallel observation and concern is the use of words, loose definitions, and redefining words.)

In a world that is treating the definitions of words/terms as being fluid vs. absolute, it’s not above reason to have concern over that matter. That’s one way to spot the Principle of Social Engineering, which is counter to the Principle of Liberty.

Footnote 3: Quote and image source | Christopher Tatara, Hitler, Himmler, and Christianity in the Early Third Reich, 4-2013, p. 42, DigitalCommonsIWU.EDU

Section 8

History: American Gov’t Attempts to Monopolize/Centralize Education

How to place enough emphasis on learning history and the importance of it? No matter it’s branding, tax-funded education is an effort to introduce socialism into the private sector, in order to collectivize education under civil gov’t. And, that Principle of Centralization is a counter to the Principles of Liberty.

Israel Wayne nailed it when he stated back in 1994:

“If History is an indication, the State and Federal Government will not rest until they have a monopoly on education. This issue will come up again. A different time, a new name, but it will resurrect. It may not come through a forward, forceful attack on our rights. It may be through a more subtle approach, like school vouchers where we give our rights away by accepting government funding.”(4)

-Footnote 4: Israel Wayne, April 27, 2024, Israel Wayne on Facebook

Again, we can spot an attempt at dishonoring the Principle of Local Authority.

Section 9

The “We As a Society” Argument

One argument given in defense of socialism applied to education is: We as a society have decided to collectively pool money together for government education. Furthermore, the argument for introducing socialism into the private sector goes like this: “Why should it only go to government education? Why shouldn’t our children go where we think it best—whether that’s private or home education?”

Hello there democracy (aka majority rule or mob rule).

Majority rule” via legislation looks like forcing someone to pay for another’s education. That issue sadly exists because of an overlooked and important principle. In particular, that is the Principle of Representation. Socialism is not a Principle of Liberty. In fact, that makes socialism un-American because it is not a Principle of Liberty.

Section 10

Socialism Leads to Tyranny

Some individuals try to create and divide socialism into kinds by distinguishing socialism in the following ways: 1. full-on socialism; 2. soft-socialism or light-socialism. The thing is that socialism is socialism. “Soft” or “light” socialism incrementally leads to full-on socialism. It’s the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water.

History teaches us that socialism leads to tyranny. As the example above shows, socialism leads to tyranny of the majority. However, on a grander scale, it also leads to tyranny of civil government. Consider how the government taxes your paycheck to fund K-12 education. There’s no allowance for you to do as you please with that portion of your heard-earned income (private property).

When legislation is done rightly, it aligns with America’s Principles of Liberty, which protect the Principle of Private Property from the tyranny civil gov’t and of the majority. Therefore, no one would be forced to pay from their hard-earned money for another’s education.

Equity: Socialism for Education

What is equity? How do you spot equity progressiveness in the whole tax-funded School Choice rhetoric? Take a look at the definition of equity from the National Association of Colleges and Employers:

What is Equity? The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice and is distinguished from equality: Whereas equality means providing the same to all, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances.”(5)

-Footnote 5: Source: 4-25-2024

Socialism as it pertains to education goes right along with the concept of equity: “We demand private education and we demand someone else pays for it because we can’t or won’t figure out how to provide for it on our own.” Or, “We demand someone pays for how we want our homeschool to look because we can’t do it or won’t prioritize to make it happen ourselves.” And, “What about the disadvantaged children?”

Section 11

“Free Education” for All Levels of Education

Are Oregonians aware that the Tax-Funded School Choice initiative in Oregon also desires to provide for university, vocational, or trade schools in Oregon?(6) You will see below that that is the UN Goal.

The general conversations I’ve had with those behind Oregon’s Tax-Funded School Choice initiative and the conversations I’ve read online discuss public education, giving the perception that the students are in K-12.

Footnote 6: School Choice Amendment, May 25, 2022, SOS.Oregon.Gov

Many individuals who do not agree with the progressive efforts of equity in other spheres of life may not realize how they’re pushing for it through tax-funded School Choice.

Additionally, while the claim is that “your taxes won’t go up” is utopian, the reality is that the gov’t schools—being the separate educational entities that they currently are—will replace the funding they lose per student. What does that likely result in? Higher taxes.

Section 12

The Big Picture of Who or What Supports Tax-Funded School Choice

What are your thoughts on the World Economic Forum being in favor of tax-funded School Choice? Does that concern you at all?

Is education merely about developing skill sets, reading, writing, and arithmetic? What’s the big picture behind gov’t funding of gov’t schools, private schools, and homeschools?

Does the following language sound familiar to you regarding tax-funded School Choice for Oregon, let alone the rest of the States?

“A well-functioning compulsory education system is essential to a country’s performance, but how is publicly funded education best provided? And how can innovative policies boost the performance of the state-maintained school sector, especially when reaching out to disadvantaged pupils? . . . Pursuing answers to these questions has led some countries to initiate reforms to their school systems, which have led them away from the conventional ‘local’ or ‘community’ school model. For instance, Sweden introduced a voucher system in the early 1990s that enabled pupils to attend privately owned schools (‘free’ schools) funded by public money.”(7) 

Footnote 7: Author: Andrew Eyles is a PhD student in economics at University College London. Stephen Machin is a Professor of Economics, University College London., Sep 25, 2015, Do innovative school reforms boost pupil performance?,

Image source: Author: Andrew Eyles is a PhD student in economics at University College London. Stephen Machin is a Professor of Economics, University College London., Sep 25, 2015, Do innovative school reforms boost pupil performance?,

Play 3: Create Choice and Competition

The very same language, educational goal, and means for tax-funded School Choice in Oregon and other parts of the U.S. is used by the World Economic Forum:

Play 3: Create choice and competition

“Offering choices and creating competition can pressure schools to perform better, offering alternatives to what exists now. Choice can be created at many levels: students and parents can choose schools, or educators can have greater choice in where to work. In 1991 Colombia established a school voucher programme, which has helped to drive up graduation rates among the more than 125,000 students served.”



As it turns out, the United Nations is also encouraging tax-funded School Choice as a part of their 2030 Agenda.(8)

Footnote 8: Image source: Sustainable Development Goals, 4 Quality Education,

While I agree that education is important, I disagree with the means that globalists think are the solutions. If you’re a liberty-minded individual, you understand.

Section 13

The Context of the Times

As we study history, we take into account the context of the times. That holds true for current events, if we are wise.

Let’s think of this as a chain of reasoning with individual links that make up a chain.

Context Link 1

Let’s consider the relatively close chain of events:

  • Agenda 2030 exists and it’s a globalist goal
  • Interestingly, there’s a worldwide event and schools close in lieu of teaching online or parents homeschooling independently, causing/creating a problem.

The UN makes the connection, too:

“Progress towards quality education was already slower than required before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on education, causing learning losses in four out of five of the 104 countries studied.”(9)

-Footnote 9:, Sustainable Development Goals, 4 Quality Education,

Image source:, Sustainable Development Goals, 4 Quality Education,

Continuing the chain of reasoning:

  • Due to the worldwide crisis and reports like what the UN delivers, people begin to feel somewhat panicked over education in ways like never before.

Context Link 2

  • Gov’t schools continue with Common Core (e.g. 2 + 2 = 5, which denies absolute truth, which denies Creator God). The nonsense gains the attention of many individuals.
  • Degradation-of-character-training (denying God’s sovereignty and created order for humanity and family) starts to ramp up even more in the school system and that compounds the concerns of many.
  • Govt’s schools and some private schools introduce SEL (let one’s emotions govern them vs. governing their emotions and addressing the sin nature and morals). Concern increases among those who are wise to it.

Context Link 3

  • Oregon Gov’t schools set the stage for the tax-funded School Choice narrative to “save education” by lowering the standards to where students don’t need to prove proficiency in writing and math until at least 2029. (Now, isn’t it curious that the goal date is right before [Agenda] 2030? I wonder why?) Ensue more concern and panic among parents about education.

Image Source: Sami Edge, Oregon again says students don’t need to prove mastery of reading, writing or math to graduate, citing harm to students of color, Updated: Oct. 22, 2023, 12:21 p.m.| Published: Oct. 19, 2023, 6:16 p.m.,

Context Link 4

  • Enter tax-funded School Choice. But, in Oregon enter tax-funded School Choice on steroids as this baby will be enshrined in the Oregon Constitution if enough signatures for the initiative are gathered, it gets on the ballot for the General Election, and passes. (Caution: It’s not the hero it’s being made out to be.)
  • Social engineering is being done with a chain of events and manipulative language to evoke emotions of the individual. It’s unjust.

Many an astute individual is aware that we are in a Marxist cultural war—an attempt to shift America from a nation of Liberty to a nation of communism. The battleground is primarily through the use of language and education—it then spreads out to activism in other spheres of life.

The Marxists definition of equity is attributed to Karl Marx (i.e. Marxism). However, the lie/delusion of equity dates back to the Garden of Eden. (See Section 15 below for more on that.)

Section 14

Evoking Emotion-based Decisions

Can you see the cause to effect on the timeline and how it evokes emotion-based decisions for individuals? Persuasion of the individual happens with events and language.

Can you see how people are being manipulated and socially engineered into the hands of globalists?

An advantage that globalists and socialists have is that they are hundreds of years patient. A disadvantage that Americans in general have is impatience. By far and large, we’re socially engineered to want things the second they come to mind:

  • on demand movies
  • use of credit cards
  • online purchases (same day delivery, anyone?)
  • curbside pickup for groceries (don’t have to take time to shop, just head to the store when it’s time, and bing! your groceries are delivered to your vehicle)
  • social media (access just about anyone at anytime)
  • phones, emails, and text messaging capabilities (access just about anyone at anytime)
  • the web (searches are at the tip of your fingers in a split second. . . well, depending on your connection)

False-Guilt Trips

The following are the kinds of questions that have been asked to individuals who disagree with tax-funded School Choice,:

  • Q: “What about the under privileged students?”
  • Q: “Does it ever occur to you that not every family can afford private school?”
  • Q: “Has it ever occurred to you that not every family can or wants to homeschool?”
  • “What about the students who are trapped in a school that does not meet the learning needs of the student? A school where the student is being bullied? A school where the student is failing but wants to learn? A school where the student is not challenged and becoming bored and acting out? Do we just ignore the needs of those students?” –Education Freedom for Oregon, 4-30-2024, Facebook
  • “How is it liberty if students can’t choose where they want to go to school?”
  • “Doesn’t every student deserve the best education opportunity tailored to them?”

Those are the wrong questions.

That’s all false-guilt to manipulate individuals out of honoring the Principle of Self-Government.

The question is: What makes anyone think they can selfishly force another to pay for someone else’s education, or anything else for that matter?

The Use of Language

How Language is Being Used

It’s important to pay attention to how language is being used. If it’s manipulative, that’s an indication that the Principle of Social Engineering is being applied to society. Allow me to emphasize that the Principle of Social Engineering is counter to the Principle of Liberty.

Additionally, be attuned to the Marxist vocabulary word equity. The very Marxist concept of equity means equal outcome and it’s a delusion. For more on equity, watch The Marxist Roots of DEI | Session 1: Equity | James Lindsay.

Remember, Satan used language to deceive, and as a result Eve’s and Adam’s reasoning was corrupted by deception. That still the case for today—Satan deceives by craftily using words, lose definitions of words, and man’s reasoning can be corrupted by deception. (See Section 15 below for more on that.)

Section 15

The Roots Behind Tax-Funded School Choice

When we get right down to it, socialism enslaves the individual to the tyranny of covetousness. It’s a root that can run deep inside an individual’s being. It’s the forbidden fruit of covetousness. And, it’s an ugly truth about the natural state of man. But, we can have our minds renewed by God’s Word and changed by Christ so that we die to the old man and are a new creature in Him. We don’t have to choose covetousness, impatience, or any other accompanying sin to covetousness.

Socialism: The Tyranny of Covetousness

Sovereign God has ownership over all His creation. In fact, the Garden of Eden and everything in it was God’s private property. He governed over it and established laws, sanctions, and boundaries.

Adam and Eve coveted God’s non-choice attributes: sovereignty, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence. In short, Satan promised Eve equity—an equal outcome for her and Adam if they ate of the fruit that God forbade them to.

Now, whether a seed of covetousness was already there or if Satan planted that seed, I don’t know. But, at some point covetousness arose within them, and Satan took advantage of that by telling Eve they would be like gods. Being discontent with their limitations, covetousness and greed won them over. Adam and Eve had a choice.

Today, God gives each of us choices as well. He doesn’t force us. And, we’re responsible for what we know.

Will greed in the tax-funded School Choice debate win people over?

Or, will people stand on the truths of God’s Word and honor His Moral Law and Principles of Liberty?

Will we accept our financial limitations as individual families?

Will we trust God to provide the kind of education our children need and to provide the means for it? In some cases it may mean through more income, work, family, church, volunteer organizations, fundraising, or scholarships.

Sometimes it takes humbling ourselves to ask for help from family, church, or volunteer organizations, and sometimes that means having to set aside pride.

In Conclusion

All other concerns set aside, at the root of it all is socialism. As a matter of fact, tax-funded School Choice is not “privatizing tax funds.” On the contrary, it’s the redistribution of redistributed wealth. Again, it’s the forbidden fruit of covetousness.

We can either love our neighbors to enslavement to tyranny or we can love our neighbors to Liberty.

I choose the high road of loving my neighbor to Liberty by speaking the truth in love—making them aware, and helping them trace the ideas of tyranny, and tracing the ideas of Liberty. What will you choose?

So, is tax-funded School Choice right for America—for a nation of Liberty? After reading through this article and researching the other sources provided within it, I hope you’ll agree that tax-funded School Choice is not right for America.

Other Sources Cautioning Against Tax-Funded School Choice

Tax-Funded School Choice in General:

Vouchers: Shekels with Shackles (Christian Education Initiative)

Why School Vouchers are Bad for Conservatives (

How “School Choice” Undermines Homeschooling Freedom (Homeschool Backgrounder)

Why “School Choice” Cannot Protect Homeschoolers From Regulation (Homeschool Backgrounder)

How ESA Funding Could Undermine Homeschool Freedom (Homeschool Legal Defense Association)

Leaving Home (Liberty Magazine | how the homeschool education option was destroyed in Sweden)

When Homeschooling is a Crime — Alex Newman (Schoolhouse Rocked)

Oregon Specific:

Freedom Watch Alert: Second Dangerous School Choice Amendment Petition (OCEANetwork)

School Choice Initiatives: A Threat to Every Homeschooler in Oregon (OCEANetwork)

By Heather Hall | May 4, 2024 | Is School Choice Right for America? Factors to Consider

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