Introducing Bradford Christian College

Well, here we are! Two of our Principle Approach® homeschoolers are homeschool graduates. One is attending a brick and mortar Christian University while the other is attending an online college. And today I’m so thrilled to introduce to you the latter—Bradford Christian College. But we must start at the beginning, for all journey’s have a beginning. So, how did we even become a Principle Approach® family? Why does it matter if our students attend a Principle Approach® college? Keep reading to find out.

(If you’d like to listen to our daughter share more about her experience, take a listen to our podcast episode found at the end of this article.)

Introducing Bradford Christian College Biblical Principle Approach College

How We Became a Biblical Principle Approach® Family

One day at church my dear friend Lindy walked up to me. And she basically said, “Heather, have you heard of The Principle Approach®? There’s a curriculum called The Noah Plan® that uses its philosophy and method. I thought of you . . .” And as she explained, I listened with all my heart.

I’ve never been able to let go of this philosophy and method! It has gripped my heart from the beginning and to this day I know it’s the direction God has had for our family. I’m so thankful I didn’t give into feelings and that we kept on toward the prize.

I’m forever thankful that my friend followed God’s prompting to talk with me about it.

And I hope to be this friend for you too.

If you’re already on the Principle Approach® journey, I hope to be the friend that encourages you to keep on toward the prize. Keep going through elementary, middle, and high school. You can do it!

Why Does a Principle Approach® College Matter?

As it is with most Christian private schools and homeschools, Bible principles aren’t taught in each subject within most Christian college/universities. But with a Principle Approach® college, they are.

Additionally, it matters because students with a Principle Approach® background continue learning how to apply and practice it in life and learning. For students who don’t have this educational background, they’re able to learn the method and philosophy with no problem. In either case, it’s a bonus having instructors who think and reason Biblically in all subjects.

Bradford is a Biblical Principle Approach® College

Get to know David Barrett and learn more about Bradford Christian College and the Rocky Mountain Biblical Worldview Conference. . .

It’s true! Bradford Christian College (named after dear Governor William Bradford) has launched and it’s the first Principle Approach® college of our time. And they’ve partnered with Logos University to make it happen.

It’s ran by brothers Timothy Barrett and David Barrett who also own and operate Covenant Academy in Boise, Idaho (which also currently offers online classes for homeschoolers). Their K-12 Biblical Principle Approach® Christian school vision is:

“Our Vision is to Raise Rebuilders to Restore the Nation who will impact the world for Christ and advance His Kingdom in every area of life.”

Their experience with Covenant Academy has equipped them to begin the next leg in their journey. And this vision of Covenant Academy is now carrying over to Bradford Christian College. We see it maturing into this vision for college students:

“The mission of Bradford Christian College is to provide Christian education rooted in the Biblical doctrines of grace and utilizing the Biblical Principle Approach® method leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education or Theological Studies.”

What an amazing legacy to build together for their families, our family in Christ, and our nation.


Currently, they offer these two programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. In particular, this degree is “designed for those who desire to minister in Christian Schools and/or Christian Education departments.” Or perhaps in some other capacity God may call one to . . .
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. This degree “provides students with a strong Biblical and theological foundation for ministry as well as preparation for graduate level work.”

Our Daughter’s Experience with Bradford Christian College

Thus far, our daughter is in the first term of her first year with Bradford Christian College.  Because of her home education with the Principle Approach® philosophy and education, she is well equipped to take these classes. A great deal of this has to do with Biblical worldview she has been discipled with through her education (find out what you may not know about teaching a Biblical worldview). That said, students who haven’t had a Principle Approach® education will learn the philosophy and method and thrive, too!

She’s aiming for a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. How Providential that Bradford Christian College launches the year she graduates from high school. Especially considering the area that she believes God has called her to in  Christian education. God’s timing is always perfect!

And her first term classes are:

  • Biblical Counseling
  • Biblical Life Principles
  • College Writing
  • Introduction to Christian Education
  • And Old Testament Survey

How it Currently Operates

As previously mentioned, it’s an online college. So, there’s a student log-in where all assignments are accessed. However, they’re accessible on a weekly basis. And previous assignments can still be viewed.

Currently, each class has an introductory video. And one class—Biblical Life Principles—has a bi-weekly pre-recorded class video.

Mostly, it’s reading and writing assignments. Assignments are turned in by the following Monday. And about every three weeks there’s a video call with one of the mentors.

Their calendar runs as follows:

  • Fall Session: Sep 3 – Dec 20
  • Thanksgiving Break: Nov 25 – 29
  • Spring Session: Jan 20 – May 8
  • Easter Break: Apr 6 – 10

So, when she gets home from work, she eats lunch with us. And then she “goes to college” in another part of the house. We pretend she isn’t home. And when she’s ready to take a break from her studies, she rejoins the rest of the family for conversation.

This mama’s heart is thankful to still have her around as much as she is. Especially since she has a new little brother that joined our family over the summer. She still is able to bond with him and keep up her relationships with her other siblings, mom and dad, too.

It’s Super Affordable

Our daughter is working part-time and paying her way through college. No loans at all. No government funding.

These are their current fees and costs:

  • There is a $75 application fee for all incoming students
  • Classes are $300 per course ($100 per credit hour).
  • Logos University also offers low monthly payments of $180 per month to graduate debt-free.

Needless to say, we’re thankful for the affordability of this education and that she can graduate debt-free! It’s also a a relief to know that her degree will be recognized.

Is This the College for You or Your Student?

If you or your student answers yes to any of the following, I say contact them and get their education started!

  • Do you want an affordable option?
  • Want to graduate debt free?
  • A flexible schedule?
  • Spiritual growth and professional training?
  • A Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education?
  • A Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies?
  • To develop (or further develop) strong research and reasoning skills from the Bible?
  • Specifically desire a Biblical Principle Approach® college education?
  • Help rebuild and restore our nation?
  • Impact the world for Christ?
  • Advance His Kingdom in every area of life?
  • Help equip other rebuilders to do the same?

The Next Term is Rolling Around

If you have a high school graduate or know one, please share about this college with them!

Follow Bradford Christian College’s Facebook Page (let’s get their likes up team!).

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