I Know That I Can Be… White As Snow #wordstudywednesday

I cannot help but think of the Lord when I see snow. What a gift it is to us! What reminders it serves us! The past several days we have had a beautiful white, glittery carpet right outside our front door.
It can cause people to be discontent with the inconvenience wintery weather brings. On the contrary, it may cause us to be calm and silent… like a blanketed landscape of sparkly white stillness… so that we may meditate on Him, His Word… and to listen to His voice.

For us, this is a welcome… especially right after the Feast of Dedication. After reflecting to see if we are indeed in the faith and walking in the Lord’s ways… after contemplating where we may have allowed ourselves to be influenced by paganism… after rededicating ourselves (our temples) to the Lord and His ways… we are reminded that we can be white as snow {Isaiah 1:18}.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines snow as: “noun [Latin nix, nivis; The Latin nivis, is contracted from nigis, like Eng. bow.] Frozen vapor; watery particles congealed into white crystals in the air, and falling to the earth. When there is no wind, these crystals fall in flakes or unbroken collections, sometimes extremely beautiful.”
The key word vapor is defined as: Something unsubstantial, fleeting or transitory.

The key word bow is defined as: “BOW, verb intransitive To bend; to curve; to be inflected; to bend, in token of reverence, respect or civility; often with down. 1. To stoop; to fall upon the knees.”

Snowflakes Falling on the Earth…

They remind me that my life is fleeting… a vapor that appears for a little time… and then vanishes  {James 4:14}. Therefore, I ought to spend my life daily growing in the Lord and His ways… sharing about the Lord with others… encouraging others in the Lord… to bear in mind that I may not have tomorrow to do so.

It is as if while they shape and form and fall to the earth… in all of their frailty and fleeting existence… they do so with a token of reverence to their Maker.

They make me think of the joy and beauty of falling upon the earth on my knees before the Lord in worship and prayer…  in token of reverence. We are the people of his pasture and the sheep of his hand. Today… today if we will hear his voice. Each new day is a *new today*…

Snowflakes Falling on the Earth…


They remind me of the vast human population. We are all unique individuals… no two are exactly alike another. They reflect God’s Principle of Individuality.
Some people think that snow is as common as dirt. Why, that’d be like saying people are as common as dirt. Snowflake Bentley learned that each snowflake begins as a speck; as the crystals grow, they are intricately woven together into beautiful masterpieces. Well, that sure sounds a lot like people- having except people are created in the image of God {Genesis 1:27}.

Snowflakes Falling on the Earth…

They make me think of how individual snowflakes create a glorious scenic reminder of the body of Christ. We are all individuals, but how beautiful it is when we work harmoniously to love, follow, and glorify the Lord!

Snowflakes Falling on the Earth…


Remind me that during the unexpected storms of life… during seasons of winter in our lives… joy may be found!

They gently whisper that beauty can be seen which may otherwise be hidden from our view…

They gently invite us to join in the silence around us… causing us to slow down. Without scurrying around with daily busyness and the average hubbub of life, we are reminded by song birds that there are still songs of praise to our Lord which may be sung. 
They nudge us that there is still time to connect with family and friends. There is time to slow down and enjoy what the Lord has offered us in this season…

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2 thoughts on “I Know That I Can Be… White As Snow #wordstudywednesday

  • This was lovely! I want you to know you encourage me and I am sure you encourage others. Be patient, my dear sweet friend, the Lord is growing you and others through your sweet creativity and love for Him. ((HUGS)) and thank you for sharing yourself with us on your blog.

    • Gina, thank you so much! You cannot imagine how much you blessed me with your words of encouragement. You have been such a blessing to me in so many ways and I cherish your friendship greatly. ((insert heart here.))

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