Homeschooling with Art and Music

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Art and music tend to be two subjects that some homeschool parents struggle to fit into their routine. However, homeschooling with art and music is essential for the growth of individual students. So, here are some ideas for why it’s meaningful to make them a part of your child’s homeschool experience.

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Biblical Classical Homeschooling with Art and Music

Biblical Classical homeschoolers approach teaching and learning art and music with Biblical principles. Additionally, we look at God’s Providential hand in using both to advance the Gospel westward throughout His Story. These two reasons alone give students reason enough to learn these areas of study because the purpose of all education ought to be to bring God glory! Our hope is to be a part of keeping Biblical thinking and reasoning in music as a part of restoring the purpose of music.

Homeschool with Art

Art helps to develop and nurture the creative side of the brain. There’s plenty of research to support that. However, I’d like to highlight that art teaches us about Creator God. With a Biblical reasoning approach to art, we develop higher order thinking.

There are several reasons for making art a priority within your Biblical Classical homeschool experience:

  • tie in Biblical thinking and reasoning into art lessons
  • learn about the First Cause of art, its origin, and God’s purposes for it
  • see how God uses it to forward His Gospel story among the nations
  • each student’s individuality is expressed—reflecting his or her unique personality
  • art is easily integrated into other subjects

For example, students who take The Science and Art of Geology Bundle courses see firsthand how art enhances science studies. In these courses, students also consider Natural Law (Creation), Revealed Law (Scripture), and how to reason Biblically about art. Plus, Geologist Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures teaches geology lessons with a solid Biblical worldview.

If you’re interested in learning about how art may be integrated in science studies, you can catch my online homeschool conference session on How Art Enhances Science Studies by going to this (referral) link to Ju’s Classical’s Music and Art Homeschool Summit. Of course, my session is about Biblical Classical homeschooling.

music and art homeschool summit

While the forms of classical education we use differ, we have some things in common—namely our love for Jesus Christ and the Bible. I’m thankful to Justina of Ju’s Classical for reaching out and inviting me to participate in her online homeschool summit.

I think you’ll be inspired by each of the sessions in one way or another. There’s a plethora of gifts, talents, skills, and experience among the body of Christ!

Homeschool with Music

Music also helps individuals develop and nurture the creative attributes God has designed mankind with.

Many Christians are familiar with passages of Scripture that speak to the importance of music. And, not surprisingly, there are Biblical principles regarding music.

There are several reasons why incorporating music into our homeschools is essential:

  • learn hymns (which teach theology)
  • memorize Scripture using ditties
  • listening to music to develop an appreciation of it
  • enjoy learning how to worship God by playing instruments

The Music and Art Homeschool Summit

Firstly, don’t you just love online homeschool conferences and summits? You can listen to the sessions as you kick back in your comfy home and even have a pajama day while doing so.

That being expressed, if you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration to include music and art in your homeschooling, be sure to watch Ju’s Classical’s Music and Art Homeschool Summit sessions.

principle approach biblical classical homeschool art courses

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