Homeschool Co-op: Getting Ready! Part 1

An exciting year awaits! We are serving two groups of families this year! We feel so blessed to be spending the school year with each one. I am scheduling about an hour a day to get things ready (of course I have some little helpers).
If you missed my post on running a Bible Principle Approach® co-op with a simple format, you can read it here. My hope is to encourage and bless you by sharing the ins and outs of what we do; this way you can pull from our experience as you begin a BPA co-op.

We rent our space for the co-op and do not have a place to store our art supplies or P.E. equipment. So I have my handy dandy crate I tote around with the bulk of my supplies for lessons in it. Sometimes I utilize tote bags, too. My husband keeps much of the P.E. equipment and his notebook of games in a tub that he totes around. These are easily stored at home and a cinch to take to and from co-op!

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With last year’s budget, we used Ziploc bags (not a plug for Ziploc… you can use generic too!). Each bag had a child’s name written in Sharpie on it. On the upper right corner, I added a self-adhesive tab and color coded the family names. This way they were easily found within the box they were placed in.  They held up okay but were in pretty bad shape by the end of the school year.
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This year, we are using pencil containers for the kids/parents to have jurisdiction of basic items we use almost every art class (we’ll add to these containers as we see fit for our projects). This helps me save time so I don’t have to reorganize later.
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Things like paintbrushes (which need air and time to dry anyway), markers, water color pencils, color pencils, and rulers go in *group containers.* It’s a quick approach to putting them away after co-op use.

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I’ll be sharing more tidbits as we go throughout the school year. 

Please leave a comment if this series of posts on starting a Bible Principle Approach® co-op blesses you! Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to help you out!


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