Homeschool Club Day~ Individuality Crafts

I am behind of some posts because we’ve had a cold going around… again! So… without further ado I am trying to get caught up with my posts.

We had our boys and girls club days last week. For the girls club meeting, I pulled from The Noah Plan History lesson on the Individuality of Leaves and also from the Starting With Me lesson.

We started out with a discussion on Individuality and what makes us different internally and externally. Then I lead the discussion into how we see individuality in many things God has created but with a focus on leaves. I gathered some leaves for the girls to examine closely and to observe how colors vary, shapes vary, veins in same leaf type vary, etc.

© Principled Academy
Click on the photo to enlarge it. 🙂

Then we moved into the first craft. I had the girls make leaf pens! The idea is that they will remember the principle of Individuality every time they use their leaf pens. 

For this craft you will need:

© Principled Academy
  • a package of ball point pens (you must have the kind where you can remove the top with scissors- found some at a dollar store)
  • floral tape (found at a craft store)
  • silk leaves (found some leaf garlands at a dollar store)
  • hot glue gun

*If you need visual aids in creating a pen, you can visit tutorial.

For the second craft, the girls created Pine Cone People. The idea is that the girls will remember how unique and individual each of them are when they look at these hand crafted dolls or play with them.

For this craft you will need:

© Principled Academy
  • pine cones that flare open (like in the photo above)
  • 1- inch wooden bead (found at a craft store)
  • OR you can make a foam air dry clay ball to hot glue onto the pine cone
  • hot glue gun
  • felt 
  • markers (we used sharpies) for the faces
  • optional: chenille pipe cleaners for arms or twigs for arms
  • optional: yarn, chenille pipe cleaners or raffia for hair 

*If you need a visual of how to do this, you can visit the tutorial at the We Bloom Here blog. We didn’t stitch any felt together… we hot glued it instead. But either way lends fun results!


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