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Have I fully understood what this means? As I research about this, my mind is being renewed! The Hebrew and Greek texts clear up suppositions which are commonly made and taught. Are you ready to challenge what you may think and understand? I find I may not always be ready, but I want to have a teachable spirit to the truth’s of Yahweh’s word so I try to set myself aside and learn at Yeshua’s feet.

Let’s get started! Let’s go deep so that the roots of our faith in Jesus grow deeper and cannot be uprooted!
“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” John 1:17
There were assumptions in my mind about this verse. As I grow in my faith in Yeshua, I am learning to study the Scriptures in the original language to be certain I am understanding correct Biblical doctrine so I may walk in obedience to Yahweh out of complete reverence for Him and love for what He has done for me. If you are interested, and I hope you are, in reading how I have reasoned from Scripture using the Hebrew and Greek texts please download my research here and test it against Scripture in the original texts for yourself.

Relating from Scripture in context, original texts, and Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

Grace for me, according to Scripture, means that I have received Yeshua’s good will, loving-kindness, mercy of Yahweh, divine favor bestowed upon me for believing in Yeshuah Messiah as my Savior from the Law of Sin. Because of this gift, it is my heart’s desire to respect the duties of man which are the instructions given to mankind (Yahweh’s Laws) given to us Providentially from Yahweh our Father through Moses.

Yeshua was the Word (Instructions/Laws by Yahweh) made flesh to show by example how to live purely according to Yahweh’s Laws/Instructions without the addition of the rules/traditions of men.
Who am I but a human fallen short of the Glory of Yahweh…?
… I am His child and I am grateful. 

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